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  1. hmm.. looks like chem too strong or weak? Just re-tank?
  2. yep Laser unit.. and laser control board .. what ever that was called will just do a control strip.. probably the place to start! From undersatanding.. weak dev will give blue black and I guess too strong will be yellow black?
  3. Think I am in the right spot All RGB are the same..2181 Has to be something else as it has a brand new laser from Noritsu.. can bad developer do this? the paper is still nice and white though..
  4. Ok this QSS3801G is driving me nuts Had issue with blue/blacks and now going the other way..yellow blacks Any ideas? has had a new laser/control board in the last year Ive changed calibration plate..loaded old backup.. Any help will be much appreciated Guessing maybe too strong in the dev?
  5. Thats true.. still only rubber and was 1/4 of the price.. Bit of a no brainer. Come to think of it putting the rubbers rollers on the shaft is the easy part. Spend most of the time pulling it apart. glad my 135/240 looks fine for now!
  6. Just replaced the rollers in my 120 Carrier the other day.. wasn't too hard to do.. bit tricky in some spots. Main thing is to get them glued on the shaft at the exact spot.. have to be within a bees dick to get right. Works perfect now! Here in Australia Noritsu wanted about $850AU for the rollers.. got cheap ones on ebay (china) for $190AU delievered.. Still hard to see the value of such little things! guess supply and demand isn't there haha
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