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  1. you will have to check the LDD23 card before anything else, because if the frontier shows only one point the LDD23 card is responsible somewhere to get more help here is my WhatsApp contact +237651761596
  2. Fuji1

    CD MS01 V 10.0-69703

    Do you need ms01ver 10.0 or Ms01 ver.10R come by Gmail vivianedjukui@gmail.com
  3. Bonjour vous pouvez utiliser MS01 sur ce minilab, si vous avez besoin de plus de conseils rejoignez-moi dans la boîte de réception Hello you can use MS01 on this minilab, if you need more advice join me on inbox or my WhatsApp number is +237651761596
  4. Hello, the components you mentioned are from Ms01 if you need any help just come to inbox or join me on whatsapp + 237651761596
  5. Fuji1

    As Printer

    normally to print from Photoshop you need a printer driver. There is software for FE or MS. What system is used on your server? Write a private message or join me on WhatsApp +237651761596
  6. Fuji1

    Fuji frontier 375

    I have this problem today my prints come out completely black
  7. your answers will be welcome here is my whatsapp number + 237651761596
  8. good evening engineers being faced with several problems I would like to know how to test the laser on fuji Frontier 375, because my prints come out completely black, even the test print
  9. hello in the group sorry this is how my test print comes out I have the Fuji Frontier 375. black
  10. hello, for any advice about your concern please contact me at +237 651761596 I will tell you what to do
  11. hello, for any advice about your concern please contact me at +237651761596 I will tell you what to do
  12. Fuji1


    Fuji Frontier 375
  13. Fuji1


    Sos detection failed E-2529
  14. Fuji1


    Hello on this group I have this problem since this morning'' Sod detection failed E-2529I connected the laser cables well cleaned all the mirrors but nothing has changed please help me
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