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  1. Just manage to find the selfcheck... just to try it... I do double click and it said it had to update The driver, i click on yes it restarted and the NCK driver is working now the software update started after the reboot, but it had an abnormal termination by the D-Ice control PCB and DIGITAL ICE Technology... it is already for a while like that. What should i do? 😔
  2. Just install windows 2000, reinstall the drivers, but I have the same error with the NCK device
  3. Thans @TECNOR now it shows the NKC, but the error on qss program continues and in device manager it says the device can not start
  4. Thanks for the answer. Where can I get that driver?
  5. Hi everyone! We have an QS3300 (LPP-750) with S4 Scanner that we mainly use to scan. Since some days it stops to scan. Each time we try to scan a film it show a Bluescreen with this error: We tried to reinstall the windows 2000 in a new Hard drive (a SATA hard drive) with the Recovery CD (PC-NRT-RD2). But It doesn't want to boot. Again it shows Bluescreen: Then I decided to try Windows XP (I have the QSS 33 Main System Program 8.01.001). I installed Windows XP and i manage to obtain the ethernet driver and the Intel Graphic Card driver I did not find one driver "Network controller driver", On device manager it doesn't show the noritsu components (NKC Device - PC-Laser I/F (Multi CPU Support) (If I boot with the old hard drive, I can see the NKC Device correctly installed) I installed the Qss33 Main System Program anyway, but it shows an error 6900-0001 Main Control system error I would appreciate any help
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