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  1. lps 24pro machine is printing the bluish white, as it may be a contaminated chemical.
  2. Taking advantage of the fact that you can help me with the measurement for preparing the start of the lps 24pro. thank you
  3. hello technor, needed by the internal powers of AOM, has an aki electronics technician trying to fix one.
  4. Hello guys, someone has the technical values of AOM, I have a guy aki from electronics trying to get one but he said he needs to know the internal values of aom.
  5. Can someone help me solve the message: the low color intensity of the paper on the noritsu LPS 24PRO. Thank you
  6. hello, I changed the green AOM with the blue but the message remains the same. 6073-0002, the green AOM is new purchased.
  7. the green AOM is new, I changed it because it was bad. But the message continues after about 4 weeks changed. Sera that could be another AOM
  8. hello I changed the green AOM driver and it worked for a while, now the error has returned 6073-0002. It could be another AOM. thank you
  9. someone help me with error on the LPS-24 PRO 6073-0002. Sync sensor error
  10. Does anyone know where to find the noritsu 3202 crossover 7. crossover D003891. thanks
  11. estou precisando do crossover da QSS-3202, alguém pode me dizer onde encontrar?
  12. você pode me enviar também? meu email lucianopiresilva@gmail.com, obrigado
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