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  1. Is it normal when I touch with my finger upper planet unit i got plenty of black ink on it, should that be dry or?
  2. I'm keep getting this black dots in the back of the photos. Anyone know what that might be te problem?
  3. the paper stop at begining of printer section.on the top where they coming to 2 big rubbers leading the paper into the cemical(rack section)
  4. When I send for example 10 pictures ( 10x15) to print, 1 of then is normal and others are like this white paper with blue line. Does anyone know what kind of problem is this? This is happening on 102 and 152 paper size only
  5. Can anyone tell me what is the name of foji software for fuji dx 100. Also is there a possibility to download ?
  6. I've took out the whole part and changed printer belts 323F1026/323F1026D with costume belts that I've made from inside bike tier. It look very similar as original one. After that in Printer IO/Check I've turn the motor that rotated that belts and the whole section on and everyting is rotating normal. The big problem is when photo arrive at that section someone are passsing by with no problem but some are just won't get in and after that the printer just stops because the delay time is to big. Here is the photos of wich section I'm talking about. If anyone have a solution to this problem can directly contact me here or send me email on danijel.kovacic88@gmail.com Thank you
  7. hello,i this morning i start to printing and got this blue photos,i printed last week without a bleach fix beacues im waiting to get a new one but i got normal pictures,anyone know what can be a problem?
  8. i try to test now that i remove blfx and put water in same tank with same crossover rack and now is ok without damage lines on photos,beacues i change rack in machine for testing now i got on last tank rack with crossover rack where water is the damage lines,is so strange,i clean all tank and rack and i got a random damage,dont know if there is a problem with cemicals,crossover rack,or tank.
  9. i also done some crazy test: ive buypass the p2 tank so photos going to p1 i think is developer in that tank pass te p2(i think is bleac-fix) and going strait to p3 tank,in i see that photos are in perfect state.so my question is what is bleac-fix in p2 tank performs for photos beacues its seems now that i can develop photo without p2tank. @Fuji1 @Rourke84
  10. @Fuji1 i will ad your contact to my phone.ill try to clean all tank and rack this weekend to be sure if chemicals are dirty,and if not i can i call u at begining of the next week?
  11. iv done some testing: i put crossover rack on p3 to see if there is a damage like i was put on p2,and there was no damage on all crossover rack when i put them on p1,or p3,p4.. i got only damage photo when i put them on p2.i cleaned p2 tank and tank-rack and it work maybe 2days without scrath photo,so i thinked is maybe p2 cemical expired or maybe to much dirty in chemical and beacues of that my tank geting dirty also and do damage on photos? @Rourke84 @shutter @Fuji1
  12. but is strange only in second tank i got problem with crossover rack,every crossover rack i put i got diferent damage,can i maybe cut the roller from side to lower the pressure on photos?,beacues i think they volume grow up with years and now i got a pressure on photos and it get damage lines.
  13. if anyone have time i can also call u on skype next week to explain u much better on webcam.
  14. the problems of scrathing started last week ,the paper i load in paper magazine is the same like always,i think that is not a problem,why u think that maybe that is a problem? for me bigest confusion is that every crossover rack i put on p2 got less or more line scraps,i clean them all in car wash,i think the @Rourke84 say best thing about this problem. @Fuji1 i dont hink the problem is improperly loaded paper in the tray beacues there is no scrarch lines when paper going out from printer to rack,before go to p1 rack there is no line scratches,maybe the sand hidden can also be problem but i clean it all.
  15. Helo.I got Damage on photos (lots of scrath line) u will see ill put photo example to see. The damage photo begins when photos are coming out on P2 Crossover rack. When i remove crossover rack its ok,but when i put every other crossover rack i still got damage. I also saw that my spins on crossover rack on P1 and P2 are slower then others,can maybe that be a problem and i got damage photos. I put later a good rack whith good spin and i got minimal damage but still got some lines on photos.
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