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  1. No. 06305 -00002 Scanner Focus operation error. I got the new error message. When normal open the scanner , It have about 3-5 seconds sound like zoom in and zoom out. But it just have 1 second sound, and appear the error message 06305-00002 What is problem with this scanner? Thank you
  2. The Noritsu tech just put my [scanner driver PCB] and [scanner control PCB] to his scanner."HIGH" resolution is no problem. The [Check Point] on 1800 scanner have 5 parts.So he say the problem is [scanner unit].
  3. Thank you~Minilab Service The Noritsu tech bring a HS-1800 scanner to me to test what problem.He put my S-1800 PCB board to his scanner. It work fine. So the problem is [scanner unit]. He say the [scanner unit] cost about USD$ 7000. Can only change some part?not all the scanner unit? Thank you
  4. Noritsu S-1800 Scanner I used "HIGH" resolution to scan 35mm film with AFC-II , and appear error No. 06332-00005 Light Source adjustment error. ( Zoom value abnormal) The images are out of focus. But I use "MID" or "LOW "resolution to scan films are fine. The Noritsu tech say [scanner unit] have problem. Any suggestion ? Thank you.
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