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  1. Hi everyone I want to Develop super 8mm ECN-2 film in Noritsu V50, I'll wash the remjet anti-halation layer before putting it into machine. Did anyone try it before ? Thanks
  2. Hi there. I'm looking for a master to update online my Fuji SP3000. Thanks looking forward WhatsApp +37499494943 eMail: badikyanlev@gmail.com
  3. I have a couple of questions about SP3000 1.I want to update the software, I have all the disks, but I bought a scanner from the second market, and they changed the motherboard from Toshiba, is it possible to update the software if the board is not factory-installed 2.my scanner is turned on only from a computer (Toshiba), there is Ubuntu, and through the virtual machine I turn on WinXP(server) and Win2000(scanner) I already have a computer for a server with software, I installed Windows 2000 on Toshiba and A1 software, but this error occurs.(see in attached photo) if someone can help fix the scanner please let me know. thanks
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