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  1. I have been using a Pakon F135 scanner running from a XP computer for about the past 18 months. Last night my lab manager reported the film scans correctly however when it is done scanning and the film is removed, the orange light continues to blink as if the film has not been removed. To Clear this we need to exit the software and reload which sometimes results in a hardware fault error. Is this a dirty sensor or should I be on the lookout for a new Pakon? We scan upwards of a hundred rolls on this scanner daily. Any Help would be great!
  2. I recently invested in a v30, and after many hours or work it is working but could use some replacement parts. The hydraulic door arm need replacing and there is a foam roller inside the dryer unit which is starting to split. This roller is not visible from the outside of the unit but is the same type of roller which is on top where the film exits. Are parts for the V30 still available and if so does anyone know the part numbers? I have the service manual and don't see part numbers. Is there a parts list available for this film processor?? Thanks
  3. My attempt to get to the necessary board in which I need to test demonstrates my need for a plan B. While expensive, I am sure... are there Noritsu repair techs able to service these scanners in the Philadelphia PA area?? Plus my electronic know how is some what limited to basic circuits and voltage testing.
  4. Thank You for all your help. For different reasons it has only been working correctly for 24 to 48 hours. First a software issue, then a hair was stuck in the film path over the image sensor and now this. The heater does appear to work when tested in the output check but not correctly so hopefully it is something simple. Thanks for the part numbers!!
  5. Thanks, do you know if Noritsu still has parts available for this scanner?
  6. I checked the temperature. Its hovers between 31c and 32c. If I manually execute the LED heater it goes up about 1 degree and shuts off. I assume I have a bad heater?
  7. Can anyone shed some light on this message I am getting. I am using a noritsu LS-600 scanner with stand alone drivers. It was working perfectly. Yesterday I went to scan a strip of 35mm and I get a message saying the LED is in standby. When I try to insert the film the red light blinks and will not accept any film. I have manually checked all 3 LED's with a very quick glance in the film slot. The LED cooler and heater appear to work however the heater is sluggish. All the drive motors and lane change motors work as well. I have the service manual but can find almost nothing about this message other then a plug on one of the mainboards which is not visible and not sure where it is located in the machine. Can anyone shed some light on how I can get this fixed? Thanks!
  8. Thanks but I solved the issue myself. Turns out I bought more then I need. The LS-600 System Program ver 7.00 (R505407-01) is all I needed and a free program called XnView. I had not installed the USB drivers that were on the first CD, Once the drivers got updated the XnView quickly found the scanner and I was up and running in no time. I hear this all the time that you NEED the dongle and it is just not true. You DO need the dongle if you plan to use EZ-Controller but the scanner is fully functional as a stand alone scanner and no dongle needed. For my lab, that is perfect!! Super Happy!!
  9. I recently invented in a LS-600 and then the software needed to run the scanner as a stand alone. I bought: LS-600 System Program ver 7.00 (R505407-01) TWAIN Ver. 7.00.036 (R505541-02) Both CD's came indirectly from Nortisu. I say indirectly because I don't have a Noritsu account. I installed both CD's on a Windows 7 PC, selected Stand Alone when prompted. I loaded the GIMP (newest version) and tried to load the TWAIN drivers. I get an error message which says NKSTDLIB_2.DLL is missing. I have searched both CD's for the file and Google, No luck. Does anyone have this missing file?? and or tell me what I am doing wrong. I have an old version of EZ-controller but don't own or have room for a Noritsu printer and find EZ-controller overkill for my Lab's needs. I am trying to avoid buying the USB Dongle. Any Help would be great!!
  10. Thanks, I will try that tonight!! Are the blades for the V30 still available and dose anyone know the part number? If not can the blades be sharpened? I have the Service Manual for the Noritsu repair people. Could never have gotten the film loader apart without it.
  11. So I read another post on here and it inspired me to take the whole film loader apart to clean the sensor talked about in the other post which is in the rear or the unit. Mine however is clean but I found hundreds of film snips which appear to be the cutter smashing the film. Anyway I suspect the solenoid in not firing which is what pushes the pinch roller against the film leader card. Is it possible to run film without this and will the machine replenish the chems correctly??
  12. Got another problem with the v30. When I insert a leader card and close the lid it says it is feeding into the machine but in reality it is not moving at all. At first I thought this was because I was trying to feed only a leader card with no film (Solution tanks are filled with water) but I even tried it with a small strip of 35mm film and same thing. I removed the one cover and can see the feed roller spinning but it is not grabbing. I can also push the leader card in so far that the rack gear catches the leader card and pulls it in that way. But can some please tell me what is happening of not happening and how to fix it. Thanks!!
  13. I recently bought a LS-600 and it came with a Windows XP computer and XP version of ez-controller. I have tested the scanner and it works but is stuck at extra low resolution (712x512). I placed an order for the stand alone drivers and twain driver but the ETA is mid to late July. So wondering if anyone knows how to change the resolution so I can start using this scanner sooner then late July. Thanks!!
  14. Thanks again. I opened the lid and held the micro switch in with a straw. The machine ran for 2 hours with no problems . Hopefully that got the crud out. Going to repeat twice tomorrow with fresh water before mixing the chems. Early on I got some bad advice and filled the replenishment tanks with water and don't know how to remove the water? Any ideas??
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