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  1. Thanks, I will try that tonight!! Are the blades for the V30 still available and dose anyone know the part number? If not can the blades be sharpened? I have the Service Manual for the Noritsu repair people. Could never have gotten the film loader apart without it.
  2. So I read another post on here and it inspired me to take the whole film loader apart to clean the sensor talked about in the other post which is in the rear or the unit. Mine however is clean but I found hundreds of film snips which appear to be the cutter smashing the film. Anyway I suspect the solenoid in not firing which is what pushes the pinch roller against the film leader card. Is it possible to run film without this and will the machine replenish the chems correctly??
  3. Got another problem with the v30. When I insert a leader card and close the lid it says it is feeding into the machine but in reality it is not moving at all. At first I thought this was because I was trying to feed only a leader card with no film (Solution tanks are filled with water) but I even tried it with a small strip of 35mm film and same thing. I removed the one cover and can see the feed roller spinning but it is not grabbing. I can also push the leader card in so far that the rack gear catches the leader card and pulls it in that way. But can some please tell me what is happening of not happening and how to fix it. Thanks!!
  4. I recently bought a LS-600 and it came with a Windows XP computer and XP version of ez-controller. I have tested the scanner and it works but is stuck at extra low resolution (712x512). I placed an order for the stand alone drivers and twain driver but the ETA is mid to late July. So wondering if anyone knows how to change the resolution so I can start using this scanner sooner then late July. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks again. I opened the lid and held the micro switch in with a straw. The machine ran for 2 hours with no problems . Hopefully that got the crud out. Going to repeat twice tomorrow with fresh water before mixing the chems. Early on I got some bad advice and filled the replenishment tanks with water and don't know how to remove the water? Any ideas??
  6. Thanks everyone for your input. Since my first post I have gotten the Manuals for the V30 and have flushed water through the machine 4x times and plan to do a few more. The circulation pumps are now working when the processor is first turned on but shut off 10 to 15 minutes, before all the chemicals are up to temp. The time before they shut off seems to increase with each flush. I am flushing with nothing in the solution tanks (racks, filters etc...) I have cleaned out alot of sediment and think there is still more. Is there any easy way anyone knows of to clean the pump tubes?
  7. I just bought a used v30 standard, not the SM and I am rather confused. The manual which came with the machine is for the SM so it is not much help. I have filled the machine with water as was suggested to me. I was under the impression if I filled the lower replenishment tanks and powered up the machine that it would auto fill the upper chemical tanks but this was not the case. I then added water directly to the upper tanks and got the machine to warm up but when it almost reached temperature it tells me a <024> error code for P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8. I did note the water is pretty dirty and I read on here a few moments ago that a clogged pump could cause this error. But once I resolve this I need to know how much tank solution is needed for each chemical (CD & Bleach) and how do I put the chemicals into the machine. I have been told I need to know how much each Chemical tank holds, does anyone know? Any Tips pointers or suggestions would be a major help!! Thank You!!
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