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  1. What about converting an S2 to 1800?
  2. Thank for you for this very thorough and comprehensive reply, I appreciate you taking your time to provide me with some information. I don't have the money at the moment to buy an HS-1800, so I might have to stick to the LS-1100. I can scan 120's with my Epson V750/800 for now. Perhaps when I have the money I can sell the LS-1100 to but the HS-1800.
  3. I need to get hold of a scanner ASAP and I have been looking at these options. I have been told the Fuji SP2000 can be setup to work standalone and can scan up to 40 rolls per hour but is it a decent scanner? I would prefer the Noritsu but obviously that can only scan 35mm.
  4. Thanks for the help. I'm going to purchase an RA machine instead. I have lots of Kodak and Champion C41 chemicals so that would be best for me.
  5. So will I be able to operate the machine on the standard C-41 chemicals?
  6. I was looking into purchasing this machine for my business but am unsure about a few things. The main being am I still able to source the chemicals required for the machine? I was told be somebody else that they are unavailable? I had thought I could use standard C41 chemicals, wasn't aware of the difference between SM an RA.
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