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  1. Jason_

    NC135Y rollers tyres

    Hi all, Any DIY way to fix used film feed rollers in NC135Y carrier? Anything that worked? I have tried few options but no luck.
  2. Can Agfa d-lab.1 film processor unit be used as stand-alone film processor?
  3. Great! Thanks for an advice. Time to give it a serious clean and test run.
  4. Can I run V30/V50 test with just water inside all tanks instead of chemistry, just to check if it's working?
  5. Jason_

    Fuji SP2000 I/O

    Well that’s what I meant. How the correct graph should look like? What to use as a reference? If I would have an engineer I wouldn’t have to ask question on this forum. I thought forum is for user to user friendly help. This one is for cash making for few users. thanks anyway, I’ll find an engineer to not bother forum members anymore.
  6. Jason_

    Fuji SP2000 I/O

    How CCD data should look like?
  7. Jason_

    Fuji SP2000 I/O

    I have done some I/O checks and when I press 'lamp on' I got an error E-1131. Faulty CCD20? Burnt out lamp?
  8. I have Fuji SP2000 with Toshiba that runs Fuji PRO software. Now I need to build FDI computer. Can I use C4/C5 software? Will that work? If yes, how to do it then?
  9. What’s the best way to do the backup/image copy of Toshiba main control unit pc? Ghost?
  10. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    I'll check them all and try to fix it.
  11. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    PW3 is getting 240V, but not giving 24v. Any idea which component of the PW3 might be faulty?
  12. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    PW3 doesn’t get any power. No 24v going to PWR20. Don’t have the wire diagrams. Thanks anyway.
  13. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    Imput is 240v on 31-41, no ac between 11-21. What can be wrong with PWR20?
  14. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    Is this correct?
  15. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    Any fuses/wiring to check?
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