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  1. Jason_

    Fuji SP2000 I/O

    I have done some I/O checks and when I press 'lamp on' I got an error E-1131. Faulty CCD20? Burnt out lamp?
  2. I have Fuji SP2000 with Toshiba that runs Fuji PRO software. Now I need to build FDI computer. Can I use C4/C5 software? Will that work? If yes, how to do it then?
  3. What’s the best way to do the backup/image copy of Toshiba main control unit pc? Ghost?
  4. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    I'll check them all and try to fix it.
  5. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    PW3 is getting 240V, but not giving 24v. Any idea which component of the PW3 might be faulty?
  6. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    PW3 doesn’t get any power. No 24v going to PWR20. Don’t have the wire diagrams. Thanks anyway.
  7. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    Imput is 240v on 31-41, no ac between 11-21. What can be wrong with PWR20?
  8. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    Is this correct?
  9. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    Any fuses/wiring to check?
  10. Jason_

    Sp2000 no power

    Any idea what to check first? Scanner has no power at all.
  11. Looks like it is not a very popular scanner.
  12. Would love to see Noritsu HS-1800 vs Konica-Minolta R2 comparison. Don't think R2 can beat Noritsu. Does anybody use R2?
  13. Any high resolution scan samples?
  14. Yes I know that. I'm aware of the technical differences. Just wanted to see how Konica handles colors, contrasts, sharpness etc.
  15. Basically any of them. DS-2000E or DS-2010E. I have never been a fan of Konica-Minolta quality of prints/films etc, but I'm just curious how these scanners compare to SP3000.
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