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  1. Hi everyone, thank you for advice about the heaters. I have established the bleach/fixer heater was causing the breaker to turn the lab off (P122) I can now heat up dev and stb. any ideas where to go from here? i am not sure on this unit how the chemicals are heated. thanks in advance jason
  2. Hi, I would be so pleased if someone count email or send a link for the recovery data disk originally supplied on the floppy disk. My 2nd hand machine does have this. thanks jason
  3. Thank you. I will check. I think this will help determine if it’s the heater or the power supply board tripping the breaker. Any other ideas much appreciated. Last owner said it worked well. The lab has not been turned on for 12mths or more.
  4. Hi, t15 tripping the circuit breaker about 30 seconds after start up. I have just brought the unit 2nd hand. I am looking forward to using it. Can anyone help with this issue. Seem to me either the power supply board or something when the heaters go to switch on. Can someone advise how to disconnect heaters so I can see. thanks in advance
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