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  1. Ok Dave! When i make the photo in the monitor adjustment, i go to the cup os glass, and select which of the images is more similar to the image in the upper right side, then i click in D:Detail, i adjust the density to look similar with the photo printed, then i click in ORDER: Save Profile. Am i right?
  2. This that i post above appears after this scream
  3. Hi, im trying to do this , but shows that message, that "printer was no found" Is this a problem, or i can proceed?
  4. about ad density correction to each print channel, this didnt work for me too, because the print comes out always with more density that in judgement display. When i tried to do that, the image shows darker, but when i print it, the print comes out darker than i see in the judgment display.
  5. i desabilitate the auto correction in the print channels, so for sure is not this, i will try adjust my monitor, i think this is the only way to solve the problem :(. thank you for you attention and help
  6. I tried to do that, but didn't work, in correção por tecla i put 1 in each (Y, M and C), clicked in the correção por tecla->memória, and then in register. But nothing changed, the problem persists.
  7. Hi, im having a little problem with the color of my prints, when i set the correction in N N N N in the judgement display, the print outs N N N +1. I was trying to do the adjust paper balance correction, but there is no D option. My question is: How can i do the densitity adjustment in the paper balance correction?
  8. Thank you Minilab Service, i just have the software installed, but i would like to learn how to install it if necessary. Thank you for explanation. Just one more question, when i insert the CD.. for example..the profile data, it installs automatically? Or exists a specific procedure?
  9. Tecnor, i want to know how to instal the Ez Controller properly, because i have some CDs, with Profile Data, System Program Kits, Part lists, etc. Besides that, it has a "pedrive" that has to be inserted during the installation, but i dont know when exactly.
  10. Hi Minilab Service, the version of Ez Controller is 6.10.011, and the operational system is Windows 10
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