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    2x SP3000

    I was just looking at getting some assistance with one of our SP3000's. We currently have a lab with a Fuji SP3000 and LP5700R which are networked together. We recently acquired another SP3000 from a store which were no longer using it, but we don't think the host computer will work very well with two scanners, as it is struggling enough speed wise with just the one, so we are thinking of setting it up standalone. Unfortunately, the PC with the SP3000 we have would not fully start up, and we are missing some of the software to set it up for standalone use. I have heard that the receiving PC/server PC in a standalone setup can be Windows XP and up (ideally for us if we could use windows 8 or 10 would be amazing)? The scanner PC is currently running windows 2000, but there seems to be some sort of error, as it will only boot in safe mode currently. Is Windows 2000 SP3 okay to run on this computer? I was just wondering about what people recommend to set these up? Should we have one setup as standalone? I'm not too sure how it would work if we had them connected to the same FE computer, as I believe they both need to have the same computer name on the network?
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