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  1. Hello Mike, That is a pitty/ You can make a new topic, or wait on answers on your quote.. You can sell the service guide/utility from an offer you get here, or you will get specific info from helping members.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Where did you buy the print head? Did you also changed pump cap Assy? What was the price of the printhead? I gathered info, but still no printhead in the house.
  3. Hello, The ever returning problem of these printers, printhead. Till now I returned the printers to repair, but I am running out of money. Now have 2 unemployed DX100's 1 working and a working DE100. I am considering to change the printhead by myself. Contacted Fujifilm, but need to have a study by them and buy service manual and service utility, but they won't accept "outsiders". Some of you have experience and have the manuals/utility's and or movies, how you did this by yourself. Otherwise, can someone offer me the things I need? Thanks in forward, with kind greetings, Ferdinand Bennink
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