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  1. Hello there, I am currently in the process of starting my own mail-in film developing service and would like some advice. I have been hand-developing film for the last number of years but have never used an automated / semi automated machine. Initially I was planning on purchasing a Jobo CPE-2 and running it multiple times throughout the day but am wary that this may be overusing the motor and parts are hard to come by. I have been offered the opportunity to purchase a Fuji FP232B from a salesman who is going to refurbish a machine that has very little use - I'm conscious that I have no experience using a minilab and am wondering if the machines are generally easy to get to grips with? I believe that the salesman will help me to get setup initially as he has lots of experience... I am technically not too bad and am aware that I will need to maintain consistently in order to keep the machine in good working condition. I am on my own and am planning of running the machine from my house. Given the size of the machine, would it be suitable to use my house' electricity supply and if so, would this be incredibly costly if I'm running on a daily basis? I would really appreciate any advice that someone could offer me... I'm excited about this new journey but want to be invest wisely to ensure that I'm producing good quality scans/prints. Thanks in advance!
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