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  1. sonna3media

    p2 filters

    Peace be upon you, brothers, please. Is there any information about the reason for the deposit of this thing resembling the carder on the p2 filters of the fuji frontier 340
  2. I have connected a computer to an external power other than the minilab stream and still the same problem turns off And can Rico card turn my computer off in a few hours of operation?
  3. Please Help The Fc7011 computer turns off by itself. And when you restart it, it may or may not work And if it works, some hours pass and it turns off on its own What is the reason for that
  4. sonna3media


    the motherboard now, as it was sent to a specialist in computer maintenance Unfortunately, he could not solve the problem Is it possible to change a computer with another device such as Hp or Fujitus, and will the Fujifilm system work, knowing that I own a FujiFilm 340 Can the Fujifilm 340 machine be run by another HP or Fujitus computer?
  5. sonna3media


    Hello how are you Inquiries about pc FC5011 frontier 340 My Fc5011 Motherboard has burned out Can the pc Fc5011 be replaced with another Fujitus or HP device?
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