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  1. Sound like you already have an workaround on the problem... I am curious . . what is room temperature in summer WITHOUT turning on the air conditioner ?
  2. sir, leave me your email address so I can ask the double side QSS-32 equipment supplying company to contact you 

    which country are you from ?             David Lam,   davidlam@sinopromise.com, Hong Kong

  3. hope you have tested machine water water well... before filling in chemicals
  4. i have this Drive voltage pcb - J390638-00 BRAND NEW - NEVER OPEN BAG. ,,, Hong Kong,,, 1 to 2 pieces
  5. just don't understand why 1st print is good !?! Kodakman7 said in his first message 😷 above
  6. your country ... what country ? may I know
  7. i don't have soft copy of operating & servicing manual ... Sorry!
  8. @tawan,,, refer below old link inside which you can find another link to Model 430L-3 film processor parts list,,,, good luck thank you . . . kodak_service . . . for sharing !!!
  9. tanks won't be a wave pool with racks inside tanks ... IF lps24 is new to your shop from your supplier ? ? ?? those circulation pumps may be too powerful.... realistically it won't happen though. check the circulation pump labels they should read like this Agree with SHUTTER and is lps24 machine in a low-humidity country ? DRY ?
  10. davidlam


    images exposed onto those APS film could be more than 2 decades.. . . so Good luck to Rourke84 won't get blame on after film processing .. . . AWARE this ! APS film was launched on year 1996 !
  11. davidlam

    Frontier DX100

    how old is DX100 now ?
  12. hope below helps..
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