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  1. @Quantenhorst ,,, still want Film sleever / enveloper ? or you already got what you need . . .
  2. NEW machine still have bags of floating ball . . . from Noritsu Japan factory
  3. hi, NO NEED for floating balls in FIX replenisher tank,,,, ONLY Developer tank needs Noritsu Part no. H061004-00 One bag of 20 balls genuine from Noritsu Japan Noritsu Part no. H061005-00 One bag of 40 balls genuine from Noritsu Japan Noritsu Part no. H061007-00 One bag of 100 balls genuine from Noritsu Japan I may have tenths . . .. . in my office I think . Hope information helps . . . Possibly find from TOYs . . ? ? ? or cut size from kids floating pad ( when they hold & learn to swim) !! perhaps ....
  4. @Sam Kasa. . . .Start a new thread / post ,,, will you ?
  5. sorry for my incomplete reading due to your scroll bar text the 2 broad bands could be dirty chemical processing racks. 20.3 cm = 8 inches wide paper that you may not use often i think
  6. Look like the famous (24 pixels Line) symptom you eventually are having. Search this (keyword) in this KIS Forum and many information about it. GOD BLESS YOU !
  7. to my poor memory I think there are 2 identical PM driver ( 1 for ANM and 2nd one for ??? ). I am thinking to find them and swop / swap / interchange them for testing.... to see how will be the ANM issue. . .. Personally I believe PM driver is more likely to fail . . . than a bad stepper motor . .. JUST FOR REFERENCE
  8. I would suggest you take out the WHOLE dryer rack on a table, manually feed the Pearl paper into it . . . to see. . .where cause the paper jam -and- Compare why Kodak paper won't jam at that location . . . check all roller foam, gears, roller bushings etc. (basic check). I understand some of the rollers are VERY HIDDEN inside the rack
  9. then what did your technician say ? only on-site people can see / tell what is/are wrong on your dryer rack . . . what QSS-??? model is your dryer rack ?
  10. As of today . . . . Noritsu Japan still has stock of part number I079036-00 Display Module of QSF-T15 film processor. Good luck good purchase
  11. zz .. hello MacosLeong, have you tried ?
  12. FOR SURE . . . the "magenta raindrops" artifact came from PROBLEM Green laser <-- it is a common problem on QSS-32xx & 37xx series. Occasionally replace a new Green AOM can solve artifact for a short while and artifact will come back very soon
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