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  1. usually you must empty the waste tank to clear the message in 99% all equipment case.... I believe :-)
  2. davidlam


    he/she (Valencia) wrote English -or- translator to English before . . . this time in simplified Chinese . .
  3. SIMPLY . . .show us the parts PHOTO you need to see IF any of us have M6 parts were almost 95% supply discontinued by Noritsu Japan ... I bet
  4. Floppy disk drive reading issue I bet. Loan your drive to your partner lab to try.
  5. Floppy disk drive reading isdue I bet. Loan your drive to your partner lab to try.
  6. I have [ spare Dongle ] from retired QSS- machine again . . Good for standalone scanner application. .. while stock lasts
  7. hi all, in noritsu green II, we use h086075 (Black), h086076 (Cyan), h086077 (Magneta) & h086078 (Yellow) ... for sure how about the ink cartridges used in Noritsu Green III and IV (4),,, are they using the same numbers ink cartridges ? please teach and thanks.
  8. forget my previous / above post... client told me wrong model no. it should be Fujifilm 390, not 369. Sorry for your time Sirs.
  9. dear Sirs, is there a Fujilab minilab model 369? Does it exist ? thank you for teaching response
  10. Thank you for teaching.. I learn from
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