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  1. (It is weird ) agreed. Nice to hear machine woke up and stays strong now.
  2. i just saw your tab .... 3202
  3. what QSS- ? model ?
  4. good morning sir david pls help me get rid of this my problems its giving me headach

    1. davidlam


      I don't know Fujifilm

    2. azousi


      sorry sir i mean fuji frontier lp 1500 frontier 355 thanks

  5. dear photocorp Sir,

    May I know Noritsu-Australia engineer or Ex-engineer ,,,, or you are engineer from Kodak Alaris-Australia or Ex-engineer,,,,  or you are a freelancer engineer  in Syndey ?                From David Lam, Hong Kong

  6. since Fototech can change a few times the transformerS make me feel they are of course not original ones. . . i would guess the local transformer copper wires are VERY thin... current rating too low. once replenishment cycle starts,,, all replenish pumps work starting working at the same times,, doing damage to the transformer .. my best guess
  7. show us photos with lines...Better.... Hope lines are not the 24 pixel lines symptom
  8. ○ what do you mean by " We had to replace the power supply board and power board 2." ? ○ Was **** show up first thing in one morning power up,,, or what had you done to machine before you have **** ? ○ I would say .. check for connections around keyboard flex cable, and between display pcbs. Can use stationary Rubber to rub/ clean the flex contact points.
  9. I have one BRAND NEW J390638 drive voltage pcb with me in Hong Kong
  10. make sure your plate is clean and placed correct. CLEAN THE Plate reading path too how long you have been using your plate ? it is a slightly bent one, ceramic type ,, new DESIGN plate The (data on the CD-rom -AND- your plate ) MUST BE A SET came from Japan IF AFTER a recent ghost recovery, does problem still remain ? ?
  11. all gents will advise you to do the same thing if they read your post earlier than me .. nothing special.
  12. Does printer still recognize old ribbon? IF YES, Try find Latest firmware, download and install..most people will advise you to do same thing FIRST .... I bet..
  13. @Cameron,,, Noritsu Japan does NOT sell "new laser ONLY" but the whole laser unit. check your supplier If you think developer has problem please process fresh paper "control strip" ,,, will tell . . . Good Luck !
  14. what actually is the error code and error message?
  15. I would say to check the 24V and 36V power supply at the scanner back FIRST to see if any of them failure
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