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  1. davidlam

    IM1500 price

    BUY or SELL ?,,,,, IM1500 USB or Non-USB ? ,,,,, IM1500 normal or IM1500 PRO ? After your reply I TRY to check . . .
  2. I do have one whole unit of functional / NON-USB IM1500 scanner (with 135 film carrier) idle and looking for buyer. Feel free to ask
  3. after checking KIS manual,,,, only four kinds of IM1500 scanner carriers are available : they are 120, 135, APS and slide mount type. 135HF (half frame) carrier does not exist or out of my knowledge. SORRY !
  4. 135 half frame . . . do you mean ?
  5. just to remind ... Kodak cat.nos may differ in different regions in the world !!
  6. v30 parts list pdf sent ... via email. please check
  7. pm me your email so I can email you v30 parts list pdf. is your v30...V30, V30s or V30sm ? ? V30s means "Made in Shanghai". Hydraulic door arm had been discontinued by Noritsu Japan but I can supply NEW arms. 22:06p.m. here Hong Kong
  8. Tender Loving Care . ..I like this term somethings your V30 needs . . . a couple of squeeze rollers on the squeeze rack,,, processing rack main drive gears;;;; a few loosen Idler PIN on rack plate(s) ( Z009020-01 Roller unit, Z009021-01 Roller unit - inside processing racks ),,,, malfunction gas damper of the loading box (air leaking),,, several unique gears wearing (cheap but crucial ).. Good Luck
  9. davidlam

    LCD dks1550

    get / buy [ S/A LCD EPSON NEW ] from KIS France ,,,,, under KIS part no. N060376096 no one can assure how many days a USED LCD will last. Good Luck !
  10. @SF Lab,,, please PM me showing your email address as one of my supplier may find it . . . . . PM tell me which country you are in will be beneficiary for freight calculation. thanks. or write me email davidlam@sinopromise.com,,,
  11. i find i have only a 8 pages sb-3c parts list (hard copies). . .and no operating manual .
  12. you mean you don't know how to use it ??? or parts list ? ALL parts had been discontinued by Noritsu Japan.... Are you looking for a pair of spare tongues ?
  13. davidlam

    ISO FP232B pumps

    thank you for teaching . First time I see this pump .. my eyes wide open
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