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  1. Thank you for teaching.. I learn from
  2. IF OR NOT. . the Fujifilm Frontier 500 machine is using an [ Internal / built in ] densitometer . . . different from / instead of . . . external densitometer models AD100, AD200 or AD300 ? ? ? your teaching will be highly appreciated ! Salute and Good Day !
  3. sorry for typo... perhaps check LS-600 scanner rollerssss
  4. perhaps cheap LS-600 scanner rollerssss
  5. SHARING ONLY. . . I was told by Noritsu Japan that Z027706-01 is the ultimate latest part no. of previous J490360 / W412801-01). However Z027706-01 had been supply discontinued by Japan too. SHARING ONLY
  6. @Minilab service,,, thank you very much ! J490360 is the answer I want. thanks again
  7. Dear Sirs, who knows the Old part no. [ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ] replaced by Latest part no. W412801-01 PCB Unit which is on AFC-II . Thank you for your time !
  8. Do you mean the curved big printer door ? or Which country it need to go?
  9. Thank you for reply.. finally we found one used one locally although a broken lock & slide tray, thank you anyway
  10. please tell error code(s) shown up so we all may help. T15F model name is not in our service region and out of my knowledge (my problem)
  11. My personal opinion... Sorry to hear that you met the most awful things that Power failure during updating firmware .. Perhaps ONLY Epson factory can recover.. DX-100 model is built by Epson too for Fujifilm company PM me your $$ budget /country you're from....so perhaps I can find you one 2nd hand (DX-100 main board ) from a retired / Idle DX-100 with bad print head.. hope still available
  12. @Kalyani, please start a NEW thread better so people won't get confused with the subject of THIS thread
  13. Any party has a USED "Kodak" printer CABINET ONLY for sale,,, let me know preferable in ASIA for cheaper freight, thanks davidlam@sinopromise.com from Hong Kong
  14. Actually . . . I mean all QSS-3001 extruded power cable from paper processor is LOCAL CABLE,,, THUS nobody can remotely tell you exactly which wire / which color is right or wrong to go which points... Seeking help from your local electrician will be the BEST idea to avoid further DAMAGE to the machine
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