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  1. I hope not, just for your information only in case a need. Experts in this forum will give more suggestion / remedy . Good luck !
  2. Printer control PCB part no. J391254-00 same part no. for both LPS-24Pro printer and QSS-37 printer
  3. 6901-0001 pin-points to the "printer control board" related.... Try power reset and reseat all connectors on the board(s) for luck
  4. [ Minilab Service ] said before that . . . These printers are almost the same. Difference only software, driver, maintenance utility, cover color and cartridges with ink. Don't forget EPSON builds for Fujifilm, not vice versa
  5. @jokrebs2020 ,,, how much is a 605 photo printer [ print catch tray ] they told you ?
  6. correction: my full box of noritsu genuine chemical heaters are 200, 400, 800 and 1000W (wattage). NEW 100W heater is not in stock
  7. Brand new Noritsu genuine chemical heater could be FREE if you [WANT] other Noritsu parts from me .. from Hong Kong
  8. I have all wattage Noritsu chemical heaters in stock ( 100, 200, 400, 600 & 1,000 W -wattage). Noritsu genuine ones. see photo
  9. has your LS600 worked well before in your previous [ older ] Mac. computer of any kinds ?
  10. Dear All,,,, Merry Christmas ! Stay strong, Stay Healthy !
  11. open the door you will see [ instruction label ] there.... I think . . .. product Design ABC
  12. check also printer Power supply #1 ( PS1) 24v output ..
  13. from QSS-32xx service manual I found this ... hope it helps.
  14. to avoid possible misunderstanding . . is your Apex 7010 printer the same with below 7000 printer ?
  15. ok.. I got it .. 7010 printer is the same or belong to the 7000 series kodak thermal printer. I am checking . .
  16. is your [ Kodak printer model no. 7000 ? ] in your Kodak Apex 7010 ? or other printer
  17. thank you all for teaching.. below is the photo of the said film processor
  18. SHARING with you that. . . one customer in Hong Kong will have his working Fujifilm FP363FA go or disassembled. how old will it be ? when was it launched to the market ? How much does it worth ?
  19. @alcheech,,,, who is your [ you ] ? who is [ you ] in your message ? ? Merry Christmas !
  20. @linusandhiscamera,,, what brand of chemistry are you using in your V30 film processor RIGHT NOW ?
  21. davidlam

    L1 installation

    L1 supplier can
  22. below translated by google... eu tenho em estoque. por favor, escreva-me um e-mail para que eu possa mostrar o preço e as fotos do pcb.... davidlam@sinopromise.com Hong Kong
  23. yes I have 1J1578, the PCB100 FEE board for LED II Printer 20P. write me email davidlam@sinopromise.com so I can show you photos. I have also 1J3571 PCB 200 PEC board -And- the 1J3574 PCB 300 board and others in stock . . . . too.
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