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  1. Any one in UK can perform service of DL600 frontier?
  2. thanks for info, it is head element number 2 (yellow)
  3. I have Dl600 and one of print head shown broken lines, I tried to clean it but I am unable to fix the problem. Can any one help me how to?
  4. I use DL600 Fuji Frontier, I do not have option to print Passport phots on it. Any one knows how to create or start this option?
  5. Hi, I am using frontier DL600 (MS01 3.1). All my done jobs stay on the screen. All the done jobs should disappear from the screen. I do not know how to change options, any one can help?
  6. Javavid

    Ms01 V4.2

    I use DL600 and software is MS 3.1, on my computer screen is shows all the jobs which are actually done. I believe all done jobs should disappear from the screen but they still show. Where and how can I change settings so all done jobs disappear?
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