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  1. Hi - We pulled the N1 rack apart and cleaning each of the holes (they are much bigger than 0,.7mm) and did not seem to be clogged. These hoiles about 1.8mm . Any way we dont seem to have solved anything yet.
  2. thanks - I will try cleaning this today
  3. Hello -- We have a fuji FP232B film processor and for the past few months the right channel has been leaving marks on negs.These appear as two dark bands running left to right along each neg. We initially though it was the LEDs in the sensor array, which we though may have deteriorated after 20 years and could be emitting visible light. We replaced these with new equivalent spectrum and shape LEDS and it didn't fix anything. We dont think its chemistry or light leaks as its only the right channel. It anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know Peter B Please see the picture.
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