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  1. Can anyone elaborate a bit more on using EnviroNeg Developer Replenisher? Do I need to increase developer replenishment rate or all of the baths?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm starting a lab. We will be working with FP232B processor. It currently runs CN16L process. But from what I found in Fuji's chemical manuals we might have a problem if we don't process enough rolls (oxidates faster then replenishes). The manual suggests using "EnviroNeg Developer Replenisher 60 AC" for low throughput. But the replenishment rate needs to be increased also. How can that be done? AFAIK the FP232B does not have these options and the processes can only be changed by flashing the machine. I already tried to find answers but with no luck. If it's already answered - sorry for repetition. Thanks!
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