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  1. i change plate already and also blow everything. can you tell me more the densitometer measure is wrong column . that is your idea i think it is good because i change calibration plate 3 , mouse, sensor , mini board but still error
  2. the paper movement is still into machine but calibration plate card start process then appear error code 01555-000000 and wait 7 second , the paper slip into densitometer ....
  3. i try to clean and change card too but still error please give me more detail to set up the densitometer measure the wrong column Purnomosetiawan .. because i am so young experience in noritsu Purnomosetiawan's suggestion is likely good .. can you give more detail how to do it brother?
  4. hi everyone my machine is noritsu 3702hd now it has code 01555-000000 " the calibration plate data is out of range. please any suggestion
  5. hi everyone my noritsu 3702 is error 01555-000000 "the calibration plate data is out of range . Please give advise to me
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