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  1. Hello, would you send me information about the manuals and if you have any Kis DKS 1510 service manuals, Thank you. My email is albertobarria@gmail.com
  2. Thank you very much @TECNOR, I thank you very much!!
  3. @Minilab service @TECNOR Many thanks to both of you, the manuals would be very useful as I have nothing, my email is albertobarria@gmail.com
  4. It is true, they were like gum, and they are not available and we replaced them with paint rollers and hair rollers, which women wear
  5. The video shows the state of the equipment, it was stored and was never used, only the dryer rollers were in very bad condition, we need data to make it work, the equipment started, prints, we lack details of how its calibration works We do not have any tools for it, the densitometer is in the negative holder, and by comparison it is very possible that its operation is similar to the masteflex 740.
  6. We hope to get manuals to even get the urge to print negatives, use other analog minilabs kodak 40 (copal) and Noritsu.
  7. If we find this minilab saved 0 km, the only problem all the rollers of the dryer were waste and it does not have manuals and does not have the calibration negatives
  8. Good morning everyone, someone will have Gretag personal one manuals, or information, we found one is closed box 0km unused and has no manuals and we want to use it to copy film. Thanks
  9. I just need to find the service manual
  10. thanks @TECNOR my email is albertobarria@gmail.com
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