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  1. Hi guys, thanks for all the comments Still on the Fuji DE100 vs. Epson SL-D860, now comparing consumables. My first question is regarding the paper. I´ve printed the same pictures in a few different places to compare quality, and so far: Quality Dry Photo Paper - good quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive - average to good quality unknonw paper brand - very poor quality I know for a fact that the Quality Dry paper was printed on a DE 100 and they weren´t gloss. Was that a normal or a special paper? I´m asking this because Fuji price list has som
  2. Hi mate Which printer would you recommend then that would be comparable with the Fuji DE100 is terms of print quality and volume? Cheers
  3. Hi mate How do you manage 10 printers at once? Is it 1 computer running them all? How do you sort the orders? After each customer you already manually sort the pictures? Do you have any experience with the DE100 as well? Or the Epson D860? What do you think about the DX100 print quality? I´ve printed a few pictures on a DE100 and the quality was really good! Thanks for the help mate!
  4. Hi guys, me again after some advice! So I made my mind about going forward with two smaller printers instead off a higher volume one. Could I get some advice on the Fuji DE 100 vs. Epson D860 regarding print quality and reliability? Some facts: - Fuji DE100 $ 5k for the printer 1 year warranty - no extended warranty offered $ 2.5k for computer + MS software - Epson D860 $ 4.4k for printer (1 year warranty) $ 5.1k for printer (3 years warranty) $ 5.7k for printer (5 years warranty) Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi guys Thank you for all the answers, I really appreciate it! I'm doing some homework, learning about the different printers mentioned, getting quotes and so on. I'll be making some more questions along the way. Cheers!
  6. Hi mate thanks for clarifying the printer output, I would otherwise believe on the 950 prints/h and thanks for the explanation. What would you recommend me (in terms of price, quality, capacity and so on), starting with 2 DE100/DL800 or going with a DL650 or similar dual rolls? Cheers
  7. Hey mate yeah that makes sense What are your thoughts on the DX100? Would you recommend it (would be the DE100 I would be getting)? If you were to start with 2 of them, would you rather go with a DL650 or similar dual rolls or 2 DE100? Cheers
  8. Hi mate thanks for your answer Yeah it makes sense and the answer is yes, will be std sizes. One question. Lets say I have a 5R - 127 mm roll loaded in the printer, that means I can print wherever length I want to, right?
  9. Hi mate Yeah it makes sense using the paper roll of the picture size, but my business model would have lets say 5 different sizes and the customer can pick whichever size they want. So I would end up with mixed sizes for the same customer. Are there any solutions to it? Or is it either changing the paper roll to suit the picture size, having one printer per size or trimming it by hand? Thanks mate
  10. Hi mate Again, thank you very much for the lesson!! After looking at those models, I have a few questions which are all connected I think. 1. How does the printing capacity actually looks in real life? Should I be basing myself on supplier specs? On std mode for a 10x15 cm, the Fuji DL650 says 950 prints/h and Epson D3000 DR only 650, which is quite a big difference. 2. On my business model, I would be printing diferent sizes for the same customer, so I would need some how to see all the pictures, all the sizes and then arrange them in a way to maximize the usage o
  11. Hi mate thank you very much for sharing this knowledge!! It was exactly what I was looking for. I'll be searching more about each model listed, quality, getting prices, how is their customer service and so on. One quick question. I've seen on a thread that Epson has discontinued the D3000. Is that right? And if so, would it be better not to get one? Thank you again!
  12. Hi mate thanks for you reply As I was looking at renting it it doesn't make sense for me signing a 5 years lease for a smaller capacity printer and after one year having to grab a greater capacity one, cos now I would have two printers. And yes, the the more I look into it, the DL650 deal is a rip off. I just got a quote for the Epson D3000DR plus sorter for AUD $ 30.8k. The Fuji would cost me $69k over the 5 years and I wouldn't own it at the end. Mate, I'm I asking too much if you could get me some suppliers from your Australian friends I wound be reall
  13. Hi mate thanks for the input. I haven't thought about this side of the business. I'll be looking at it. Thanks!
  14. Hey thank you for your reply! As I don't know anything about printing pictures, I think I'll be safer starting with a dry lab, right? Could you please list me a few printers that would suit the business? As for now I only know about the Fuji DL650 and Epson D3000. Should I be looking at any others? Thanks
  15. Hi mate thanks for the inputs. Yeah, I'm going after purchase prices to see how much they go for. Just checked and it doesn't cover the printer head. What's the go here? I've read they cost $8k new and I'm not willing to pay for it. And yes you're totally right. I won't be having that volume from day 1, but as it's a 5 years lease, my thoughts were to get the one that suits for the long term.
  16. Hi mate thank you for your response. This is purely a 5 years rent agreement, I won't be leasing to own the printer. But I also couldn't find how much it's to purchase one. Thanks for the heads up on the printer head. I'll have a look at it. Yeah as I said I'm just not sure if the DL650 is the best option here and if the agreement is a rip off. Thanks!
  17. Hi guys! First of all I would like to thank you all for maintaining this source of information! So, I'm from Australia and I'm about to open a printing picture business, but I know nothing about printers. Could I get some help on which drylab would be best for the business? Some information: - pictures not smaller than 8x8 cm - pictures not bigger than 25x25 cm - around 15k pictures a week I've been in contact with one of those printer renting companies and they said I should go with the Fujifilm DL650. They want AUD $1150/month for the prin
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