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  1. Hello minilabhelp and most especially who gave very informative feedback. My problem was solved unexpectedly and I want to share with you all guys. Believe it or not how could it be because all the power supplies from PS1 to PS4 I can measured correct output voltages and the error still there, of course I have mentioned earlier that the printer works well sometimes but now I totally found the faulty parts of it and that's the interlock relay which caused of the error.
  2. Is there any chance that the Fiber optics cable core had cracks?
  3. Can you please tell me how to discharge the board backup capacity?
  4. Yes perhaps you are right but is there any chance to increase the intensity of emitter output? Because the new laser control board which I tried to install, the emitter light output is brighter than coming from printer control and pci arcnet boards.
  5. I had been trying to figure out everything from power supply voltage measurement to cleaning all the connector contact but still there are days that works smoothly without errors and there are days that it has error but restarting the printer so many times it works again
  6. Hello Maxi, Is there any Possibilities that error 6901-0001 can caused by PCI - LVDS Arcnet Board?
  7. Thank you for your full support and I appreciate it so much. I will find a printer control board replacement and inform you later the outcome.
  8. I forget to inform you that the error 6901-0001 will change the error to 6901-201 after waiting for at least 5min.
  9. I did what you said and when I removed the FO cable from laser control board the results at selfcheck, the signal had all gone. Even if I put the FO cable coming from PCI to any FO port at printer control board
  10. Can I able to check the integrity of the fiber optics cables if the intensity of light passing through had enough light?
  11. Thanks again for your advice. I have performed selfcheck and this is the results: pci- arcnet signal is OK printer control board is - laser control board is OK I’v Been checked and trimmed FO cables and spray duster at emitters and receivers on all boards. Error still coming. 5v test points also good but have a little doubt at 3.3v which I measured 3.27v
  12. Thank you David. I’ve done all possible checks except replacing the printer control board. Does anyone have printer control board to purchase?
  13. Thank you David. Did you mean that I need to replace the printer control board?
  14. I have an error during initialization of my Lps24 pro 6901-0001. I had cut the tip of FO cables and cleaned the emitters and receivers but still error is the same. I performed arcnet test but the signal of printer control board doesn't come OK. Please help. All are welcome for suggestions. Thank you.
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