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  1. Dear Friend, I have D Carrier GPE model E . I have softwares and spare parts and cables. if you are interested, please mail to me. the same shape board modelE and model J. saitterekli@hotmail.com istanbul - Turkey
  2. Hello everyone, i have the Gretag MK4 on my photographic studio, both hard disk fail to work, and i want to take another 2 new, but i don'thave the Installation cd and software, it was never provide to me,  can you help me? A.aljabrry.ag@gmail.com my email 

  3. i sent the download address for softwares to your mail. Sait Terekli
  4. Dear Friend, Minilab Service, Could you send me qss 3300pro software for 3300. Thanks you very much and happy new year2017 Sait Terekli saitterekli@hotmail.com
  5. on noritsu 3300, i ajust daily setup from 152 paper. Than adjust emulsion 203 setup, up to now all OK. Than i want to print from 152 paper, colors are not good, they become yellowish. Than i adjust daily setup again, color is ok. i take out and in again same magazine 152. i adjust daily setup again, colors become yellowish again, WHY? And there is no any alarm, print engine input check and output check are OK. B aom is defective i think, ??? Sait Terekli saitterekli@hotmail.com
  6. Hi All, dlab1 minilab is working. but when we want to print test paper, test paper comes out but no any result and an error: unknown densitometer error. please help me. you can write to my mail if you want. mail is : saitterekli@hotmail.com
  7. Dear Friend DKHECHIMED, These photos are 10x15. printed with doli 2200 minilab. there are lines on prints. what should i do? please help me. if you have plese send me doli 2200 service manual pdf book. my mail is:saitterekli@hotmail.com
  8. Dear GPE led carrier users, You may want to have various versions of the kitinterface for GPE Led Digital carrier without hesitation, i am still working on. and ask me your troubles of kitinterface. i will help you.as best i can. my mail is: saitterekli@hotmail.com Sait Terekli istanbul
  9. Hi all, we have dks 1710, winxp SP2 , dell 945 pc, cpu 3,20ghz., 3gb ram.single paper loading system. no IM1500 SCANNER. Windows opens ok. when I want to open DKS3 program, it takes a long time, sometimes it is openning, sometimes does not open and give error message: source:DKS //26535 The DKS_PRINT could not be launch. what should ı do? what is the problem? please help me. This minilab is coming from another country, and first time we installed it. minilab version is: D4.8.1LX P3.
  10. hi crassistencia, did you solve your problem? please mail to me. saitterekli@hotmail.com
  11. hi, did you try to download again software install to minilab. and if you have old backup, restore it. or backup for any MK4...Than make uniformity again. i have got this problem on MK10. Sait Terekli istanbul
  12. Dear Baca, if you want e-mage 720 user manual, mail to me, i will send to you. my mail is: saitterekli@hotmail.com
  13. Dear Baca, i have only e-mage 720 pdf manual. if you want mail to me, i will send it to you. my mail :saitterekli@hotmail.com
  14. Thank you RUSHIKUMAR LAHERU And Thank you very much minilabtechnician. i got the manual.
  15. Photocorp, could you send me download link for qss 2701 service manual. my mail is: saitterekli@hotmail.com also anybody send it. Thanks a lot.
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