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  1. Thank you Paudiek for your valuable inputs. Agreed with you to and checked all the way you suggest. But i cant understand why the 2528 message shows only when i turn on the FMPC computer. If it is a laser problem the message should appear when i turn on the LP2000. But as i told that in the morning if i turn on and turn off the LP2000 several times it does not show any problem. But first time i turn on the FMPC computer the message appears. Is that normal? or there is some data problem in my FMPC computer. Please help me. Thank you again for your help.
  2. Hi all, i am getting some strange problem on my Frontier 370. In output check my sorter works fine. even if i run it with the switch it also runs perfectly. But when the prints come out from the dryer section, sorter moves a very little and give the message E-2604 (sorter malfunction). When printing is running if i disconnect and reconnect the sorter connector behind the dryer section the processor stops but the printer section runs normally. As the prints can not enter to the processor it gives the message of paper jam. One more problem is that in the morning when i turn on the LP200 it does not give any message. If i turn off and turn on the machine several times it does not give any message but when i turn on my FMPC computer and the printer starts to initialize it gives the message E-2528 B-laser(B-SHG) is about to its lifetime. No problem for the moment, but consult technical representative. Please help me. Where the problems are - please guide me. Thanks in advance.
  3. sajal2004

    Processor Stops

    Hi all, My processor section suddenly stops after two or three minutes and the printer hangs at the same time. No message. I tried to upload the software to the printer from my FMPC computer but failed every time. CTP20, FMA, FMB FMC are perfect as I tried them on another machine. Please help me. My LDD board is faulty as it says R-LD temperature exceeds. I tried another LDD board on my printer it worked fine. Please suggest me what to do. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi friends can you give me any link to download the installation manual of A1 v7.7. It is very urgent. Please help me. Also tell me can i install the software without connecting the scanner. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everybody. I am facing a problem with my 370. When i turns off the scanner as well as the printer the FMPC computer hangs. Experts please help me to overcome this problem. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all. Please tell me can i make frame (overlay) print in MS01 (3.0) randomly like FE. If it is possible which additional software is required to make the frame print in MS01 (3.0). Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, Please tell me can i install Fe software on windows 7 professional platform. As windows XP ( licensed version) is not available any more what should we do if we dont want to use pirated version of Windows XP. Any other option????????? Thanks in advance.
  8. sajal2004

    SP & XP

    Actually in our locality microsoft is very aggressive. They want every PC should run on an original windows OS. If there is no any licensed copy of OS in your PC they will cease the PC and will charge you a penalty. In fact windows NT is not available in the market. Please tell me what should i do.
  9. sajal2004


    My email id is sajalbhagat@gmail.com
  10. sajal2004


    Where can i find the PRINT SIZE LINK TOOL ? In the MS14 CD i can not find any tool. please help me.
  11. sajal2004


    Can i use my template of S2 in the MS01 V3? If not please tell me which software should i use to create the template editing tool. Thanks in advance.
  12. sajal2004

    SP & XP

    Hi Friends, I want to convert my operating system to XP Pro in my SP 2000. Can i run Sp2000 in XP platform. If so please tell me how. It will be highly appreciated if you tell me the solution. Thanks in advance.
  13. sajal2004

    NEED MS01

    Hi friends I am from India. I need the MS01 software. If anybody can give me the software i will be very greatful to him. Please help me. Thanks in advance. Sajal Bhagat sajalbhagat@gmail.com
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