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  1. I haven't had a problem with my QSS2901 minilab for a long time, now I have a problem because I don't know what the solution may be. I know you could help me solve this. For some time, the morning prints are very underexposed and the uniformity is not ok either, and after 5-6 hours of operation it returns to a normal operation and the exposure is normal, as well as the uniformity. What could be the problem? The lamp is new, the developer is ok, the MLVA lamp power supplies and Printer power supply are ok. This week I left it overnight in a maintenance mode overnight and in the morning everything was ok. What else should I check?
  2. Dear friend I would prefer to fix the image processing PCB. Price seems to be ok, if possible I'll send PCB damage + cost of repair and you send me the board image processing PCB Good Working Condition . This is to shorten downtime. Sincerely, all the best!
  3. Hello i need repair PCB image processing on Noritsu QSS 2901 damage. Who can help me with this answer is very helpful. I replaced the P210 memory with a regular computer memory and then not work,, remain blocked at this stage initial checks.
  4. I'm from Romania and I need to buy a head MLVA, or if they can fix my old MLVA defect, if possible. Your friend can tell me a price for MLVA used. I'd be very grateful if you can help. Best regards.
  5. Please help me and me with some information, I Noritsu QSS 2901 and this defect appeared a week (pronounced line) trying to restore a backup uniformity changed and came to look like the attached picture and not can to restore uniformity because it gives me error 6088-006, how can I get rid of this defect, if possible. If it is not possible to remedy the defect, where I could buy a QSS 2901 MLVA head. Thank you for any help and information.
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