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  1. Dear friend I would prefer to fix the image processing PCB. Price seems to be ok, if possible I'll send PCB damage + cost of repair and you send me the board image processing PCB Good Working Condition . This is to shorten downtime. Sincerely, all the best!
  2. Hello i need repair PCB image processing on Noritsu QSS 2901 damage. Who can help me with this answer is very helpful. I replaced the P210 memory with a regular computer memory and then not work,, remain blocked at this stage initial checks.
  3. I'm from Romania and I need to buy a head MLVA, or if they can fix my old MLVA defect, if possible. Your friend can tell me a price for MLVA used. I'd be very grateful if you can help. Best regards.
  4. Please help me and me with some information, I Noritsu QSS 2901 and this defect appeared a week (pronounced line) trying to restore a backup uniformity changed and came to look like the attached picture and not can to restore uniformity because it gives me error 6088-006, how can I get rid of this defect, if possible. If it is not possible to remedy the defect, where I could buy a QSS 2901 MLVA head. Thank you for any help and information.
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