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  1. So now you understand that a blue channel of your 2-channels AOM driver is out of order, don't you? Please repair or buy the new one.
  2. As far as I know, the chart is the only way to do it. Try to borrow it for a while. We do not have it.
  3. Unfortunately, all these charts have been discontinued. Sorry. ebay.com is a way out here...
  4. Do you know that you should set the flag of the diskette as "open" position to order the lab to start to load the system program from the installed diskette? And as far as I remember you should switch something in the mainboard before reboot. It was so long ago when I was working with SFA232/238 series... The whole life... Contact me if you need any software for SFA238. I have all of them.
  5. If you will have the same situation with the quality of prints after swapping of the AOM driver's cables I recommend checking the condition of the lasers. Please place here the printscreens of the following menu: 1. B laser Data 2. G laser Data 3. R Laser Data and laser Exposure check. After that, the condition of each laser will be easily visible. Please read more about all errors and remedies on our website: https://minilablaser.com
  6. Please contact me and I will forward you to the person in Fujifilm Co. to receive that software.
  7. It is not for free, sorry. Call to Fujifilm and ask for its price to be surprised. And they do not sell it to the end-users. Send me your inquiry to receive information on where to apply to receive it.
  8. Join our club on minilablaser.com to get access to the detailed description of remedy actions of different errors with minilabs. https://minilablaser.com
  9. I recommend purchasing of all manuals for your printer. We have all of them including software. Contact me if you need it. here the list of manuals in our depository. https://yadi.sk/i/hmu6ubrUkREfHw
  10. Please read all remedy actions on my website here: https://minilablaser.com/ I have described all the actions of you met this error code.
  11. my e-mail address is info@minilablaser.com Lots of old models like 330/340/35*/37* are out of support of Fujifilm and no more new parts available in Japan at Fujifilm warehouse. I know it because I have been supplying the spare parts to our clients for 25 years back to 1994... But there is a lot of used labs on the market where you can buy used part and have your lab running. Some of our customers even bought one more used lab for parts and feel good.
  12. Usually, laser manufacturers give 5000 hours of laser lifetime (if the equipment has a working hours counter meter). A laser lifetime depends on different factors: - design of the module - quality of assembling of the laser module - quality of the components - quality of power supply (stability of incoming voltage) - quality of the power supply unit (PSU) of a lab (for example, QSS32/34 has the worst multi-voltage PSU) etc. If to compare Fujifilm and Noritsu lasers we can say that Fujifilm lasers are much better and all of them are very reliable. Repair of Fujifilm lasers is about 3% of all laser repairs in our company. 97% of repairs gives Noritsu. And the design of Fujifilm labs allows seeing the current condition of each module just by a few clicks. It is very convenient if you want to understand when the laser will die (approximately, of course). Noritsu labs do not have such a feature. Hence if you want to check the condition of the Noritsu laser module you need to make a few actions with some tools to define the approximate resource of the module. Contact me via email if you need detailed instructions on how to define the condition of the lasers.
  13. Do not worry. Fujifilm makes very reliable lasers with a huge resource. 8000 is Okay. And no need to worry. You have our company as a backup in case of any issue with a laser. :-) Will be happy to offer you diode laser in the future if any need will be from your side.
  14. Please do not answer to the forum members who do not have enough brains to understand that each topic was created for a search of the solution for a certain issue with a certain error code. Why do you answer? Do not you understand, that their interruption in the discussion with the other error code just eliminates the point of the forum. Busy people come here to find a quick solution for the error code they have and do not want to waste their time for reading about the other codes. If I would be an admin, I would ban such members.
  15. Please read PM. I sent you the link...
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