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  1. Hi dear. Im looking for a 120 Diffusion Box for Sp3000 and 120 mask 3x4,5 and 6x6. 


    Can you help me, pls! 

  2. Bonjour,


    Avez-vous le MS 01 ver 3.1 car j'en ai besoin pour installer un DL650kit

  3. Hi,

    Do you have Recovery CD for 340 FC5011 ?

    I need to reinstall my broken pc fc5011 and mine is broken.

    If you have my e-mail is: contact@atelier-foto.ro

    Thanks in advance!

    1. yustas


      Sorry- I do not participate in this forum no more because i am a competitor of the new owners of this forum and they asked me to quit with it.
      So I rarely check the messages here.

      Yes we have it.
      Please send your inquiry to info@minilablaser.com

  4. Hello, I'm from Algeria

    Look for software L1 long size print 30x64cm frontier 5700 minilab 

    If possible send to me boumekhilaghassan@gmail.com  Thanks

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    2. Fuji1


      Come Inbox

    3. Fuji1


      send me a private message, then we talk

    4. Fuji1


      or here is my WhatsApp number +237 651761596

  5.  iI want service software fuji dx100 my system error code e2104 Plase help me Thank and reguard

  6. Do not beg for the key. Just buy it. https://www.fomei.com/en/products-epson-order-controller-le-detail-242100 Sometimes people must spend money to be able to earn them.
  7. Please search this product on our website in the new category SHOP. https://minilablaser.com/shop/
  8. I did not write that LCD screen a cause of the issue. I meant a connection of the cable coming to that screen. The most probable cause of it is the whole module with LCD screen. It has its own brains and voltage regulator.Please remove it and check for +5V presence.It is a culprit of the issue in most cases...
  9. Of course you will receive it along with CD with software. But it is not free. Please contact me if you really need it and I will inform you about the price and shipping charge from Noritsu Yokohama to your address.
  10. Can you be more specific? What do not you like? White border around the picture or what?
  11. Mr.Noritsu is absolutely right. As an addition I would recommend to remove all crossovers and place them all into water for night time. It helps to remove any chemicals crystals which may scratch the paper during transport of it through the racks. Now you should make a revision and using a parts list make a list of all damaged or missed parts. You send the list to me for a quotation and if you like our prices you can order it from us. All will come to your address directly from Noritsu. Drop your list to our parts department: parts@minilablaser.com
  12. If the LCD screen connection quality is good and the problem still there - it requires more detailed approach. I recommend purchasing of membership plan to have a free consulting service. Please note that you will have access to the premium content of all webpages of our website where I have described all the methods to find a cause of the different issues with modern minilabs. One-month access to all website content cost 17 EURO for one-month (you will be able to read and see special prices) and if you need a consulting service it costs only 52 EURO for 1 year . So you can join us here: https://minilablaser.com/membership/ welcome!
  13. Contact me if you need any manual for any old labs Noritsu or Fujifilm. info@minilablaser.com - my email parts@minilablaser.com - parts department (Chris Zollo)
  14. All who needs any software or manuals for EPSON wide printers can fined all required information on our website here: https://www.minilablaser.com/downloads/fujifilm-software/ See MS optional software (MSP51 & MSP53) section.
  15. You can purchase it visitng our website: https://www.minilablaser.com/product/qss30-system-k001/
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