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  1. You need to use the frontier 350/370 under control of FMPC if you need to disconnect the scanner. Read more on our website here https://www.minilablaser.com/products/fmpc/ Join our club by purchasing of membership if you want to use all benefits of it and have discounts. https://www.minilablaser.com/membership/
  2. This belt is very often ordered by our customers and can be supplied by us from Noritsu directly to your office. Send me your inquiry to parts@minilablaser.com Thanks.
  3. Yes, all lasers are in good condition. Confirm. Do not despair if you ever meet with a problem of a laser. We will repair for low price with long warranty period.
  4. Seems all is fine so far...
  5. If you replaced AOM driver without a visible result it means the problem is in blue laser module. Send to my email info@minilablaser.com printscreens of B laser data and laser exposure check menu and I will inform you the next steps in solution of the issue. Eugene https://minilablaser.com
  6. No, no... Green laser always more powerful if to compare with a blue one visually. He needs just to realign the beam and all will be fine. Look: They do not want to buy a good laser with a detailed installation and laser beam fine adjustment manuals and strong support and they think that it is the same like to change the bulb in the lamp... In some cases it works (if the seller pays a bit of attention to the presetting works and alignment on the optical bench (if he has it)). They buy it, fit on the place of the old one, turn it on and "Oh. miracle - it works!". Some time. But in the 90% of cases they start to run about the lab and write in the forums "what to do, nothing works!!???" because the vendor of those cheap lasers does not care about support. His task is to sell.
  7. Your laser beam misaligned. You should pay more attention to the quality of the fine beam adjustment process. Please ask your module provider to supply you with the proper manual or buy lasers from us next time if you want strong tech support.
  8. hello do you know where i can buy the MS01 please

    1. yustas


      Please contact m via email if you need MS01.

  9. hello friend I have noritsu 3202 sd and I need to connect it to ez controller I have the connection program NetOrder Printer Connection Software V1.00.012 can you help me to configure the machine to print from ez controler
  10. Contact me by email parts@minilablaser.com if you need it.
  11. @DaveS Thanks for information about the capacitor. As I mentioned before I never seen T15 so do not know what does it use to save the settings in memory. But if to speak about the film processor we had one case with QFS-V30 long time ago when a dead mainboard caused rebooting all the time due to a flat battery. After replacement of the battery all was fine.
  12. 1. All depends how long that FP was stored. If it was too long not in use the battery on the mainboard is almost dead and it may be a cause of this issue. It may force the la to reboot and reboot... Replace it with the new one. Just solder new battery above old one - such way you will not lose all settings. Frankly speaking I never serviced T15. We had QSF4*** series and QSF series so T15 is a not familiar to me. 2. Next I would check the PSU. 3. Then SSR 4. Then all heaters for short circuit. 5. Then I would check the keyboard connector. Sometimes poorly connected keyboard cable could shoot our brains for a week..
  13. Please contact me if you need a service manual for DKS1610, DKS1670, DKS1710, DKS1750, DKS1770. parts@minilablaser.com Join our membership club to have all products, software, and manuals with a good discount. All information is here: https://minilablaser.com.membership/ Welcome!
  14. @nanotron Why did you declare it? Do you have any official data of comparison MS and FE or you impressed your opinion? MS01 is newer than FE software, it has more features and more convenient. And MS and FE have NO attitude to the quality of prints. It is just a tool to control the orders and make color adjustments and all depends on the settings of the lab, quality of chemistry and level of skills of the operator. 2. As for FF570 purchase. Better to check ALL lasers. Not only red is defective there. yes, it is quite more often to be defective but we also often repair blue lasers also. So better, make the printscreens of the following menu and place here for consideration: Fr550/570 0542 B laser data 0543 G laser data 0544 R laser data 0545 Laser exposure check and error log record IMPORTANT: 0549 Laser history graph with the next page. (table with the last data!!!!) After that, all will be clear.
  15. Our engineers never install the labs by 3-phase 380V. Never. I know that some Noritsu engineers always do it but we found that different phases give too much problem and quit with it. So paper processor and printer-processor we always connected to 1 phase (not mention film-processors, of course). And all was fine. BTW: Do not forget to make a backup after installation and finish of all works. It will help you to restore the lab in the future after memory clearing.
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