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  1. Hi to everyone. If there is anyone that can help us know why do we keep geting two errors during production of photographs on our LP 5700 on Windows 7 Professional 32 bit, we would be very thankful. 1. Many times during processing orderds (when sending them) on Production Status bar, instead of the status being Rendered/Printing I get Error Status most of the time. I need to get in that same order and re-order it many times until the software decides to really send it to the printer. 2. Many times it happens that I get "Transfering files from scaner to printer failed" and I have to switch fireware cable on the ports so it starts printing where it left. I use original Fuji fireware cable and card. The server PC is Quad core (q 6600), with 4 GB's of RAM. The printer PC is Core2Duo with 4 GB's of RAM. I know the specs say minimum of i7 but really does not sound like problem solver. Thanks.
  2. satch baba

    Ms01 V4.2

    Pm your email address to me i think i have and i will send it to you
  3. satch baba

    Ms01 V4.2

    On which machine are you going to install it?
  4. 10k is definetely worth buying one. I currwntly own fuji feontier 570 and dont make 10k a month
  5. satch baba

    Ms01 V4.2

    What do you mean actualy?
  6. Thank you barsheed. Where can we find the N1 (system disk)?
  7. Hi to everyone that can help here a little. A friend just installed MS01 ver 4.2 on Fuji Frontier 7500 but the software can't see the printer. LP 7500 stays red. Is there anything else that needs to be installed before installing the ms01 4.2 on 7500? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Minilab service is telling you very simply. Just pm him and ask for the price of the software because noone is going to give it for free. You need the FMPC so just pm minilab service and thats it. You asked for help so just pay attention closely and keep it cool, even if you have everything it still isn't that easy to start pri ting right away.
  9. Hello to every RA4 lover as I am out there. I was concerned about the producing of the silver halide and ra4 chemicals in Europe. I needed an offer for a new lab and I was between wet or dry lab. It seems that there are rumors that Fuji Film Tilburg is going to shut down the part of the factory that produces RA4 from January 2018th because the European Union requests so, and the goods will only be available from Japan and China, which will make the price very very high. People claiming these are the ones that sell DRY LABS, and I am sure about that. So, regarding my concern I decided to contact Fuji directly and this is the answer I got, and I thought about sharing my concern: The rumor about the forbidden RA4 process for Europe is absolutely not true. We have no idea where this rumor comes from or who generated this rumor in the market but it is not correct. As Fujifilm we are still developing new CLP products to be used on for the RA4 process. Fujifilm want to keep the RA4 development process alive and as long as possible. Therefore please neglect this rumor and, with confidence, invest in a Frontier 7500. Fujifilm will further support you with chemicals and different kind of printing materials to be successful in your business. Hope to have informed you. I think this tells it all, and FUJI Netherland know about these rumors.
  10. Hi there. Happy to see someone happy in this industry. So, I was thinking of purchasing a used 3201 with 400.000 prints on it, but the surelab d3000 just got my attention. I saw the FUJI DL600 but too much pixels on prints. So how is your Epson till now? Are you happy with it? Please share some experience. Regards.
  11. In one word, this brings satisfaction to your needs. And the print head price is ridiculous gaint the price for a new print head for a Fuji DL600, which is 6000 euros. And probably epsons print is far better than Fuji. I saw a few prints from a DL600 but I wasn't satisfied because of the pixels that could be seen with bare eye, and it was printed with 720dpi. Other than that the color gamut was for 15% better.
  12. Hello Kreja. Congratulations on your new printer, may you print milions of pictures with it . I have a few questions. I've heard they are better than wet lab for the blacks and whites and they have wider color gamut. First, how is the print cost vs. the wet (ra4) process? Secondly, what is the lifetime of the printhead? And, finaly, how much does the head cost to replace it? Regards.
  13. Hi to everyone. I am considering of buying a used minilab. I am mostly into wedding photography and videography. We have descent amount of photo sessions and we do premium photobooks for our customers. So please everyone give us your advice according to quality, technichal support, reliability, laser cost repair and whatever you think it is necessary to know. We are mostly interested for either a Noritsu QSS 32 series or a Fuji Frontier 550/570. I know the first one prints 30x90 and the second one with an additional software upgrade can print up to 30x63 cm.
  14. And I am still a wetlab fan. Even though it is more complex system, chemichals, calibration and then there is higher power consuption, but when I make photobooks I can offer my customers Fuji Pearl Paper, Satin, Luster or Glossy, and the feel of the paper on those photobooks is much better, and the durability i think. So this is my opinion.
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