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  1. Hi I search all soft for 3202 SD pro . If somebody have I wait proposition .thanks
  2. Hi better to try somebody make hdd software you juste put and work
  3. kheus

    LCD dks1550

    thanks you
  4. kheus

    LCD dks1550

    Hi, i search LCD for dks 1550 in good condition . ghost Line for mine i pût resistor but after some months stop .thanks
  5. Hi Replace ldd20 not necessary to reinstall software
  6. Hello thanks to reply Dongle broken . can you help me to run without dongle thanks
  7. Hello Need help for dongle damaged . ez controller stop ro work because dongle stopped need help Thanks all
  8. Hi Better is somebody send you a hard disk which installed .you juste put new HDD and work .because complete installation software you need 4 CD ROM
  9. Hi thanks to reply I check fuses all OK I change all PCB power in processor section but same
  10. Hi dears I have power failures on my qss 3011 when I power on not power on printer section and soters belts run no stop please help
  11. Hi all I have color wire on emulsion print and picture . but make uniformity good
  12. hi but today i have other probleme . i put on machine but no reponse no power help please
  13. exactely no suffix just 6073 thanks very much
  14. Hi I have errer sensor when i print émulsion but not if i print picture .thank to help
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