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  1. focusonimage

    QSS 3501Plus - stripes

    check Exposure belt # 5 at exposure advance unit, bearings and motor
  2. 268-02.pdf Check if replenisher supply its ok, probably sensor level lost sensitivity, or water mixing is too short to reach level.
  3. which machine do you have this problem?
  4. focusonimage

    Qss 300 Paper Cutter Error

    QSS-30 detect the time elapsed in each cut, old motors lost speed and if sensor can reach between the range of time alarm appear. You need to change the cutter motor.
  5. focusonimage

    Yellow E6

    I do not remember well, but E6 yellow stain appear when color developer starter isn't added or the solution had a pH too high.
  6. focusonimage

    Main Control Error 6900-0001

    Mike: probably the drivers didn´t upgrade for the LVDS/ARCNET 1) I quit the QSS Software installation 2) Unistall current drivers for cards 3) Unistall the hardware(NKC cards) in device manager and phisically 4) Restart and Install QSS software 5) Install boards Restart computer and drivers were installed. good luck!
  7. focusonimage

    I need patch c4c5 ver 5.5-eo-953 for windows XP

    Thank you 5rako!
  8. focusonimage

    I need patch c4c5 ver 5.5-eo-953 for windows XP

    Hi 5rako, do you want to share it? leirbagxer@gmail.com Thanks in advance
  9. focusonimage

    Service Mode 3211

    check at this http://www.laserepair.info/laserunits.shtml daily appear
  10. focusonimage

    Noritsu Qss 3011 System Software

    I have it, let me know your email
  11. focusonimage

    Frontier 355 Error W-2401

    You need to confirm if the D541 is working (via I/O check) that alarm occur when sensor does not detect paper's leading end within a specific time after the paper has been fed from first feeding section. If the motor is working in both direction without control, you need to change the PDC20 board.
  12. focusonimage

    Qss-3001 Papaer Jam

    the machine show an alarm code, could you let us know it?
  13. focusonimage


    Sebastián le estoy enviando la tabla de rellenos con las recomendaciones de uso, presentación, referencias, temperatura, rellenos y preparación. No todos los químicos que produce Lucky son iguales, de acuerdo al equipo, al tiempo de proceso, la temperatura que usa, debe escoger el adecuado. En que país se encuentra ubicado?
  14. focusonimage

    Service manuals for free

    Thank you! Have a Happy New Year!
  15. focusonimage

    3501 use Fujifilm Sp60

    HI, QSs-3501 its a RA-4 processor, 45" and 38 C temperature, rate 80ml sq-mt. S60 from fuji what type of specification is for? Fuji had 48 and 49 process, those use a cartridge and that chemistry apply for 3501 type F.