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  1. Thank you yustas. I appreciate the information you have given to me. I would like to email you a screenshot of my laser unit information so you can help me understand it. Can you send me an email address?
  2. Ok. Wish my laser unit will last more years. But, there is a number of hours for laser life?
  3. Did you know how many hours could be operarting the Frontier 370 laser unit? My unit is near 8000 hours operating.
  4. Hi, about a year ago, the AD100 densitometer started to read abnormally. All the prints condition setup turns to cyan. So, I connected an AD300 and all works fine. But I want to keep de AD100 alive. A memeber of this forum send to me this link to purchase the replacement lamp: http://minilab.com.ua/shop/product_info.php?products_id=271547&language=en This item is not in stock now but the seller told me I have to pay it before and wait 3-4 weeks till the lamp arrives to his country (Ukraine) from Japan. - Does anybody bought any spare part to this seller? - Anybody change the AD100 lamp?
  5. I'll try. Thank you Minilab Service!
  6. How should I set up the image size and position on the paper sheet?
  7. Just want to know how to set Polaroid size in Frontier 370 and load orders in the DI Manager, no matter wich paper width have to use.
  8. Hi, Does anybody know how to set up Polaroid size using 12,7 width paper in Frontier 370?
  9. So, if I only buy the firewire board and install it in the PC where MS01 is already running, can I use the Frontier as stand alone or do I need an extra PC?
  10. Hi, I have a Frontier 370 V 7.7 connected to MS01 V 4.2 via scanner. O would like to know about hardware and software for stand alone function. Thanks.
  11. PWR is located in the printer or scanner?
  12. Hi everyone, Does anybody knows wich functions delivers these circuit boards on Frontier 370? PAC20 CTP20 PWR20
  13. To solve this problem I have to change the drivers or the entire circuit board? Thank you Minilab Service
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