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  1. I have to say too that this happens radomly, it is possible that all morning I don't have any issue and in the afternoon I have it again.
  2. I still own a DKS 1750 machine, now is 7 years old, and as a photographer in my photoshop I've been technically caring about this minilab as I can. For the moment, happy and with good results but... There's a problem I have and I don't know if there's any solution and I don't know who to ask for a solution. I print thousands of photos, most of the times without issues, but sometimes after printing with double magazine some photos at 10x15cm and I change to single magazine to print lustre photos or to made an 30x40cm photo something gets bad adjusted and I get ALL prints not centered, with a 1 or 2 cm withe border on one side (usually on the wall side). Then I restart the DKS software application (not the PC) and all goes fine again. I've cleaned all the rollers, sensors and all that I think is related to. I am not a technician and I don't want (trying to solve something) to spoil everything. Any ideas? Thank you
  3. The "pompes" are over the magazine slot in front of the machine. But sometimes this error is not real, try first to restart software.
  4. Well I see this forum is dead or almost dead. Everyday we are less with chemical labs so less possibility to have any feedback from minilabs owners...
  5. I had a 1550 DKS and I had this problem too, as I saw that this problem had no solution I changed to DKS3 (DKS 1750). After 5 years no issues, no pixel line, no changing lamps, works like a charm.
  6. I'm having the same issue in my DKS 1750, every week one of this blue belts is breaking. In my oppinion I think that any rubber with the correct size would the the job but the difficulty would be change the belts because is necessary to disassemble part of the exposure deck to just put those new belts. Anyone can tell me the right steps to disassemble it to change the belts? Is necessary take out from the machine completely the expossure plan deck?
  7. Hello Ken, I'm beggining to have the same problem as you with the blue belts in the expo.

    Did you solve the problem?

  8. Well I answer myself as I found the place to change this value: in TransportPapier.ini inside CUVE change ConsigneAirHaute=80.0 ....if somebody has interest in it
  9. Well, wet prints strike again! After changing one bad relay and upping the temperature, since now I didn't had any issue but now I get wet prints again, in double track magazine, only the ones in the back track of the machine. I'm using Tetenal Chemicals and the temperatures with this chemical have to be very high. In the dry they recommend 75 to 96 degrees, but I can't go higher than 75 degreees. Is there a way to break that limit changing any value in a ini file the same way I changed the limit of white border?
  10. Problem solved. I saw that one of the three Static Relays the green led didn't flash so I thought it was bad. I took the reference and I bought it through internet (45,68€) in 24 hours I had it and replace it. Now it's all ok again. http://www.iphotojet.com/sr.jpg Studio01
  11. I opened the dryer and checked if there was some dust, I cleaned it. As I said the temperature is at 70 degrees and I think that the air is OK at the touch of my hand. The wet prints are only in the line of the back when I work with double track. Not totally wet, they only need just a little more of hot air to be dry if not they stick one print to another. Where are the heaters? Visually inspecting it I see that one of the three big square resistors the green light is not on, could this be the cause? Thank you Studio01
  12. I own a 2 years old DKS 1750 and I have a problem that, as I see, other users have too with DKS1750. When using double track printing the photos from the back line are still wet. The front line photos are dry. I tried to up the heat of the machine fan (now I have it at 70 degrees) but it seems that this is not the problem. Any solution? Is possible to adjust the speed of the dryer fan? (perhaps solution) I have to put a hair dryer on the top of the DKS dryer to keep dry these line of photos to avoid being sticked. www.iphotojet.com/wetphotos.jpg Studio01
  13. Check if the fan for lamp power supply in the back of the machine is working. If power supply don't get enough air will block the print lamp, warning is on and you cannot print. Check the thermal fuse, too.
  14. Everytime my DKS needs to be repaired, I found a problem "in crescendo": I think that every day more and more photolabs are closing and more and more photolabs leave chemical behind, so chemical machines are less, not so expensive, but, if you have one, more difficult to find ALL spare parts. My official supplier provides me these parts, but, In the last times I see they don't have the whole parts they had in the past, sometimes you have to buy the whole piece that has the part you want, and, most of the times, with gold prices. I tried to ask for parts directly to Kis France, but they answered me to ask to my official supplier. So, anyone has an idea to easily buy these parts at a reasonable price and exactly the part you want as detailed in the Spare Parts Manual? Studio01
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