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  1. You have two different papers set up on the machine.
  2. Because some paper profiles have a dry-to-dry dev time of 1:45s and others have less..
  3. @FOTOBINCI, Thank you for posting the prints, they look alright to me. Small color differences can be further corrected by adjusting paper balance to obtain optimum prints. Change calibration plate only if what I suggested does not work anymore. Glad I could help.. Regards,
  4. Hi there! Just for curiosity, can you post a few normal photos that you printed AFTER the setup?
  5. Just take out the calibration plate from densitometer and clean with a moist cloth lightly. Take care not to peel off the round color targets. (one black and one white).
  6. -Change color developer (P1), too weak, probably not enough work volume.. -Clean densitometer calibration plate.. This should solve the problem. Please post here when your problem is solved. Good luck!
  7. That is correct, F specification is a different part number than RA, SM and J.. probably due to depth of the tanks?
  8. Thank you for the clarification. I was aware that there are two distinct level sensors on 7700 and the one I need to replace is the solution level sensor (float switch) located next to filter cartridge. I just wanted to make sure before I order as the film processor is lying there with so many spares. Oh well, I will order the specific one now that you have cleared this for me. BTW, on my parts list it says the number is W 412 091-01. Probably because this is a Fuji Frontier parts list..
  9. Hello, Can someone inform me if a solution level sensor from Noritsu R420L film processor can work with Frontier 7700 paper processor? They look identical.. Is it same voltage? I need to replace one in P1 and I have this R420L dia film processor which is not in use. Any help appreciated.
  10. @DavidLam, We are located in Rwanda, East Africa. Let me know if I can be of assistance.. Cheers!
  11. Hello, I have all the circuit boards, pumps as well as heaters, keyboard, display board and other stuff brand new for QSF R420L. We had ordered this machine new from Noritsu and we never started it. It is lying in our storeroom. As there is no market for slide films developing in our country we have used a few racks from this processor for our negative film processors. Otherwise, it is still in brand new condition. If you need any spares of this machine (I am sure they should be similar to QSF R410) I can sell these to you. Thanks.
  12. To further what Magenta said above, it could be an algae formation in P-2RA tank which has a way of sticking to the level sensors in the replenisher tank. I have had this problem for more times than I can remember.. I use the Fuji Frontier 7700. You need to clean the sensors and the tank and proceed to mix replenisher in manual mode through the system menu. Also check the poppet valves and blocked or bent piping as this can cause the difference in pumps output. What is your machine model and chemical cartridge brand?
  13. Bakul


  14. Bakul

    Urgent help needed

    Seems like it is asking you to put in a floppy disk and press one of the function keys to continue.. I may be wrong but I'm sure someone on the forum can help you further.
  15. Hello, Have you checked the program timer settings? Which sort light is blinking? Are you talking about the green and red dome light? Or the series of lights on the side of sorter going down?
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