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  1. My Noritsu T15 film processor has started to blow the mains fuse (the shop fuse not inside the machine). I'm guessing a heater element has gone and short circuited??? I've disconnected the heaters from the main circuit board and the machine runs without popping fuses. So, my question is...can anybody tell me how to get the heating elements out? I've removed a large screwed washer on top of the element but the element is underneath a large black plastic moulding which looks like it will lift off but I can't see how?! Any help appreciated.
  2. Hi Dave, Thank you for the reply. I can get a new LCD https://goo.gl/YULu2S This is just the LCD not the driver board. Is that likely to fix it?
  3. Did you ever sort this problem? My Noritsu QSF T15 has the same fault
  4. You won't hear from many Apex owners on this site. Why? Because you turn them on in the morning, print all day and turn them off when you go home. No hassle, no need to look at minilabhelp because the gears are slipping, the prints are a funny colour or have lines on them. If I need more capacity, I bolt on another printer, if a printer goes down i print on another one. I spend all the time I used to waste on making a wet lab keep working on building my business, marketing, investing my extra profit in improving my shop. The result? Sales and profits have been rising all year. Would I go back to a wet lab, no way.
  5. Here is a print that I've scanned in. In this one it has just added a dark band, but sometimes it also repeats some of the image from elsewhere in that band. Thanks again.
  6. Hi, Our DKS 1550 (Kodak System 89) has today started printing a single dark band across prints, always in the same place on prints. The band appears to be a corrupted file, as other parts of the image are sometimes reproduced in this band although a bit darker. The fault doesn't always occur, sometimes it can be stopped by starting and stopping the machine, only to then re-occur a few prints later. I will try and upload a sample image in a few minutes. Thanks!
  7. There may be business for some on the internet, but I read that Fotango, one of the original internet labs, has just closed down.
  8. Good news at last...well done Cecil! It's good to hear that somebody's business is on the up instead of the usual downbeat stuff. We were very busy today with queues all day for our kiosks (will have to get more!). Could it be that our Kodak Express Digital Solutions signage is working for us as well??
  9. The main impact on print demand is the world cup. Tomorrow England play Portugal. You might as well close up the shop at about 2pm, because if your town's anything like ours, it's like a ghost town when England play. In fact, we've been quiet whenever there's a match on in the afternoon.
  10. As a bit of retail therapy (!!) I went into Klick this week pretending to be a customer with a 36 exp SUC for processing. "How much" I asked. The answer was
  11. As always, an interesting debate. It's good to know everyone on this forum is so enthusiastic about our trade. However, I do feel that the cost of a roll of paper is not the main issue. Firstly, because of much lower usage of paper and lack of competition, I am certain prices will rise very soon from all suppliers (to quote an old saying, you've never had it so good). This could be a blessing in disguise since it will force price increases at the retail level (even Asda, Jessops etc if we're lucky). Secondly, none of us are using as much paper as we used to, so we should be much more concerned about how to get more customers into the shop. I would love to be buying more paper, even if it cost more, because it would mean business was on the up. So, rather than worrying about what every one else pays, I'm sticking with my reliable supplier and putting all my efforts into to new marketing ideas. PS I'm putting my film D&P prices up... see new thread
  12. Hi JP, The offer was nationally advertised in the papers over the Easter weekend.
  13. Here they go again!! Jessops are nationally advertising their latest digital printing offer...3p a print for 6x4's on the overnight service. Not worth turning the lab on for that price.
  14. Hi Neil, Here is a PMA article re a minilab refit. Seems to be thinking along your lines. May be useful. "The Camera Corner Digital Photo Cafe was designed to offer a "martini bar" atmosphere With nine kiosks, a plasma TV, a wireless Internet connection, free beverages, and a play area, Camera Corner redefines the digital cafe Staff members of Camera Corner/Connecting Point, Green Bay, Wis., were sent to PMA 2005 with a clear mission: Come back with an idea to make more money. When Rick Chernick, CEO of Camera Corner, and two staff members returned last year, they sat down and talked about what they learned. "We kept coming back to the fact everything is digital. Billions of images are being taken, but never printed. People are deleting them. They don't know how to store them. Printing at home has not taken the world by storm. It's not convenient, fast, or simple to print," Chernick says. "We returned from PMA knowing we had to do something for our marketplace to ensure our customers print those precious images." Chernick's journey to recreate Camera Corner was featured in the February issue of Photo Marketing magazine, now online. Here is an excerpt. Something for everyone Chernick decided his customers needed a better environment within his store in which to print digital images. Rather than having customers stand at one or two kiosks placed on a countertop, Chernick wanted to create a separate area where people could sit and relax. "I started off with the concept of a bar - making it look like a classy tavern, with a brown bar and wooden stools. Then I hired a designer who suggested a martini bar look instead. We made it a Digital Photo Cafe, which is a name we have trademarked," Chernick says. This is not your average kiosk area, though. In addition to nine photo kiosks, the area offers reading material, a plasma television, a computer with a wireless connection for customer use, and a play area for children. People are invited to enjoy a bottle of water or a cup of coffee while there. "It's bright, colorful, and comfortable," Chernick says. "It's a fun place to sit down and do your printing. We put the plasma television in, so if the wife wants to sit and print for 30 minutes, her husband can pick up the remote and watch CNN or the Saturday afternoon football game. Or he could pull out the USA Today from underneath the table and read." Alternatively, mom can print while her 15-year-old surfs the Web and her 7-year-old colors at the kids' table. "We've tried to think of everything, so everyone is happy," he says. In a word, the Digital Photo Cafe is gorgeous - but it didn't come cheaply. "We spent about $100,000 on the remodel, including seven new kiosks, a new counter, moving walls, putting in refrigeration, and the television," Chernick says. Six of the new units are Lucidiom Automated Photo Machines (APMs). "I also have a new machine that will take your digital card and automatically drop your images into a PowerPoint presentation with music," Chernick states. "We charge $20 for that service; and people love it for weddings, funerals, and parties. You wouldn't find that at Wal-Mart." The Digital Photo Cafe also offers something no kiosk area should ever be without - friendly staff to help. "I remember the first time I went to the airport with an e-ticket. A clerk told me, 'Just stick your credit card in the machine and punch it up,'" he notes. "I looked at that machine and said, 'You do it.' I don't want to look stupid. This guy behind me might know me, for one thing. And I don't want to make a mistake and move my wife to the back of the plane. I'm in the technology business, and I still felt that way." That experience made Chernick very aware of the need to keep staff members on hand to help customers with the photo kiosks. "We will always be available to help the customer, whether it's their first time or not. We don't want our customers ever to feel silly or confused, or not know how to back up if they make a mistake. Once they get the hang of it, they don't need us as much; but we are always there to coach them, help them, and build relationships," he explains. "Even if it's just to wipe the screen off, that's why we're here. We wipe the counter and screen after every person, so it's always clean, presentable, and comfortable. That's why the customer loves coming here." Off to a good start Building the Cafe required a remodel of 20 percent of the retail photo space and took 3 months to complete. When it was finished, Camera Corner invited about 200 people to a grand opening party. The store also passed out Digital Photo Cafe mugs bearing the Camera Corner logo. "Now, we're doing TV and radio ads, as well as newspaper and billboards. Ever since we started doing that, people have been flocking in here," Chernick says. "It's been unbelievable. It's so much fun. I love walking over there and seeing several stations being worked on." What Chernick did not want to see, however, was people waiting in line. Borrowing an idea from grocery stores, he decided to create an Express Lane. "You can't do any cropping, enhancing, or anything like that in the Express Lane. It's just for someone who wants to walk in, print and get out," he says."
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