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  1. Dobbo

    Epson d700 using Frontier S Software ?

    We've just purchased a D700 with the new version of the order controller as a back-up to our wet lab. Native colour was way out but the 3.2 software works well in Windows 10 and after creating a preset it's doing a great job. The only bugs discovered have been with the settings/maintenance app which gets confused if you remove the paper cover before responding to an alert. I've hot foldered our Kodak Kiosks and orders appear the same as they do on the Noritsu.
  2. Hi David, I emailed you a couple of weeks ago but have not had a response yet, did you receive my email?
  3. We also have to do this, try restarting the Apex and Kiosks first as most of the time this resolves the problem and the order completes. What version of the software are you running?
  4. Does anyone know the situation with SM Chemistry, has production stopped?
  5. Dobbo

    Kodak G4

    By Flash drive do you mean compact flash? If so, will it read if you put the card into a USB converter then plug it in to the USB port? The OS will show the card and files even if the profiles are not suitable for printing, so if the files are all in RAW format on the card the OS will display them but the kiosk will tell you there are no files.
  6. Dobbo


  7. Can anyone tell me if the EZ Controller software will print to an Epson Shurelab D700?
  8. Can anyone recommend software that will enanble clients to create photobooks and collages (which we can then print on a Minolta offset press) on either MAC or PC? CPAC gallery pro is PC only and iPhoto's book maker is incresingly insistant you order from Apple. Dakis Photo Factory is fine if you are online and Kodak wants to use the DL2100 exlusively (unless someone has an XML to JPG/PDF converter???). I'd appreciate hearing if anyone has a solution that works well for them.
  9. Dobbo

    Kpk7.0 Instagram Option Not Working

    Problem was resolved with a new update.
  10. Dobbo

    Kpk7.0 Instagram Option Not Working

    Yes, Facebook etc works. Have been told it's not working for Australia either, so might be a regional access thing. I understand it is being "worked on".
  11. Dobbo

    Epson large format and APEX

    Got the 7800 to work after being sent the version 1.0 driver for 7800 printers. Has been working perfectly until just recently when I updated the APEX to version 7.1. Now it is seen on the USB but cannot be selected. Has anyone else using a 7800 updated to version 7 on the APEX? I have two systems running them so don't really want to update the printers for a simple software issue.
  12. I have just installed KPKV7 and updated to the May 2014 update. (June asked for 7.2) When I tested the Instagram module the screen displayed a square with what looked like a miniature broken link symbol. Same result from machines running stand alone or as part of APEX network. There is no log in area etc.. Has anyone else struck this? Is the Instagram module working elsewhere? Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks.
  13. I tried cloning, but found the smallest difference in machines caused the clone to fail. Tried using the APEX (same as making one machine the master then joining the others to it) but found every machine needed to have something else loaded so they were at the same point before the APEX could roll out to all machines, which took longer than just updating all the machines at once. Finally gave in and just updated each machine. Numbers 10 and 11 will be ready for disk 4 now, so i'm heading back to their location, then only 5 to go... I started about 2 weeks ago. Takes about 3-5 hours for version 7 (depending on machine). Think the Version 6 update took a lot longer.
  14. Dobbo

    Kiosk 7.0 Application

    I just received it, via Australia. You will need version 6 installed first. Added instagram connectivity (which doesn't work?) and updates for the 7000, 8800 and DL2100 printers. There was also a disk with new borders etc... The version 6 update is worth having as it adds WiFi for mobile devices which is really good. Customers load the Kodak Kiosk Connect App on their devices and save photos to print, they then come to you and print them. Has definitely improved customer loyalty as they find it really convenient.
  15. Dobbo

    Dl2100 Duplex Printer

    The print station needs the enabler installed.