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  1. Do not understand your question. This is international forum, so if you want to get answers write your questions in English.
  2. Qss 3501 PLUS is network printer. To use it need system software, EZ controller, profile data and optional modules. Instead EZ controller can use printer driver, but it would be real pain. From print driver can print few photo ( for example from Word, Excel and etc ) , but do not work all day.
  3. Software is not a problem - you always can change it. The most important that scanner is full working and has good scanning quality. It is better, if inside box two GPA23 boads. Second board is optional. If in the future one board stop to work you can remove and work with one. How many boards can see on scanner software. On scanner can be used few Toshiba computers. Latter models are faster. On other hand internal computer can be upgraded. Of course should be computer with PCI slots and should support Windows 2000. SP-3000 can work with three software packages : FDIA server can work on Windows 2000 and Windows XP ( depends on version ) . It is possible to force it to work on W7 32 bit. FE server designed to work on Windows XP. . It is possible to force it to work on W7 32 bit. MS server can work on XP, W7 32 bit, or W10 64 bit ( depends on version ) . Scanner internal computer can work only on Windows 2000. Even the latest software designed to work on this Windows.
  4. Hello. Two screws are at the bottom ( need remove from printer side ) and two at the top ( need remove from processor side ) . Open processor top cover and you see these two screws. Bottom screws are on the same positions and can see them from printer side. Before screw removal minilab should be on wheels. Make sure, that you can move minilab. From processor pcb ( J391376 ) need remove ARCNET cables. Then need remove cables from processor. To do it need remove few processor side covers, release clamps, cable holders and etc. Then protect removed cables. Do not need disconnect ARCNET cables from printer. Also need disconnect connector, which connects printer and processor. Connector is under processor side cover and located beside printer ( J/P355 ) .Short part of cable will leave connected to printer and long part remain inside processor Scanner to printer connected using three cables. ARCNET cable is connected to D-ICE CONTROL PCB ( J391306 ) . There connected many cables and you need disconnect only one pair - which go outside ( to the printer ) . LVDS cable is connected to IMAGE PROCESSING PCB ( J391304 ) connector J/P64 . Also need disconnect scanner power cable ( J/P161 ) . All cables need rotate and put on printer. Protect cables from dust and damage. To disconnect ARCNET need press holder, hold it and only then remove ARCNET cable. Do not use force, because cable, or connector can be damaged and will not work. There are not service manuals for free download on internet. Need purchase them.
  5. QSS3411 need disassemble the same, as QSS32 series minilabs. Need remove screws, disconnect connectors and ARCNET cables between printer ( LP-2300 ) and processor ( PP-1223W ) . Two screws are from processor side and two from printer side. ARCNET cables remove from processor pcb. Also disconnect scanner ( SI-2400 ) . Then all parts can transport separately and assemble on new place. I have all service manuals. Noritsu QSS3411 also.
  6. Yes, used the same pump cap assy. Even part numbers on Fuji printer and Epson are the same. Fuji just added FW16G. DX-100 and SL-D700 are the same. It is the same printer made in the same Epson factory. Difference only cover color and firmware loaded on main board. Firmware easy can be changed. Fuji doesn't make DX-100 printers, or parts. Just supply parts, received from Epson. DX-100 driver, system software and service software are created by Epson. They all based on SL-D700. The same maintenance tank ( T582000 , SKU: C13T582000 ) on DX-100, Epson SL-D700 and many other Epson models ( SL-D800, stylus pro 3800 , Pro 3850, pro 3880, Pro 3885 , Pro 3890 and few other ) . Do not need waste money for "special" and expensive DX-100, or SL-D700 maintenance tank re-setter. It is enough to buy cheap Epson 3800 maintenance tank resetter and use it on DX-100,SL-D700, or other. The same is with Fuji DL-650, DL-600, Epson SL-D3000 ( maintenance tank C890191, C12C890191 ) . The same maintenance tank used on Epson Pro 4800, 4880, 7600 and many other models.
  7. Yes, here is PUMP CAP ASSY. Your picture is from Ebay and seller didn't write which model he sells. Old pump has Epson part number 1619765 ( Fuji part number FW16G1619765 ) . New model pump has Epson part number 1671471 ( Fuji part number FW16G1671471 ) . Both pumps made in China, but new model should be a little better. Epson SL-D700 and Fuji DX-100 are made by Epson China.
  8. Hello. Sorry, you can't receive private messages. Enable them on your forum profile settings. This time have write here.

    To change printer head need service software. There have to run head cleaning after replacement. If necessary need repeat cleaning using other service software options. After that have to do few other adjustments.

    Not working pump is typical fault on DX-100. Usually with head need replace pump. Can be missing color, or nozzles, when pump doesn't work properly. So the best is first change pump and only then change print head.

    I can offer service software, service manual and explain step by step how correctly change print head and what adjustments need do after that. Tell, if interested.

  9. Hello. Need service software. There have to run head cleaning after replacement. If necessary need repeat cleaning using other service software options. Not working pump is typical fault on DX-100. Usually with head need replace pump. Can be missing color, or nozzles, when pump doesn't work properly. So the best is first change pump and only then change pump. If need help write private message. Can help to fix remotely. To write messages enable private messages on your forum profile settings.
  10. Which Kodak chemicals you use? Write name, or CAT numbers.
  11. Hello. Do not understand your language. This is international forum. Ask questions in English, if really want to get answers.
  12. Box is something like internal computer. To see scanner on device manager is enough on box to have power suppliers ( 5V and 3.3V - black flat connector ) , working firewire card ( on box and computer ) , working firewire cable ( grey cable between box and computer ) , working box main board ( GMB23 ) and working RAM ( can be one, or two modules, but can't be inserted faulty module ) . All other can be removed and disconnected. To see scanner correctly should be installed scanner driver. Without driver should see scanner on device manager, but with error. So if you do not see scanner on device manager then can be not working firewire port on computer ( not working hardware, or not installed firewire card driver ) , bad firewire cable, not working firewire card ( inside box ) , missing box power supply, not working RAM ( one, or both ) , or not working box motherboard ( GMB23 ) . It is small possibility that it is problem with firewire. In most cases need change box motherboard, or RAM.
  13. Hello. Can be missing AC on power supply inputs, power suppliers doesn't work, faulty PWR23 board, bad contacts, missing control signals from processor board, or laser board. You have two errors - PS1 and PS2. Check do you have AC voltage on power supply input. Look at fans inside power suppliers. They should rotate. If have AC on inputs and both power supplier internal fans rotate then which LEDs are light on power suppliers outputs.
  14. Minilab service

    2x SP3000

    Hello. Scanner can work stand alone. When used with minilab scanner can be connected to tethered printer, or connected to FMPC. It is possible to connect few stand alone scanners to one server, Of course if both scanners have the same name, or the same network settings one computer settings should be changed. On scanner computer can be installed only Windows 2000 ( even with latest software ) . On server computer can be Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit, or W10 64 bit. All depends which software use on server. If need more information about software, help to install ( can do online ) , or something else - write private message. I had to install and repair many SP-3000, so about them know everything.
  15. If 300 prints printed well and after that appeared lines then probably need to change pump. Faulty pump is typical fault on these printers. Even when need replace printing head better to change both - head and pump.
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