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  1. Ask your laser head supplier and explain how to solve it. If he sold laser head he has explain how to install and make adjustments.
  2. E-1530 means F-DI device registration failed. Error in registering F-DIA logical output devices (cannot be recovered) (Causes of error message) 1. Use of limited character (^¥@[;:],./!"#$%&'()=~|`{+*}><?) in menu 41I “DI manager Administrative Setting” or 424 “Print Size Setup”. Remove limited characters. 2. Faulty Imaging Controller software. Restart the Imaging Controller. If the trouble is not remedied, reinstall the software. Maybe LPC computer has different name, than it had before, or on LPC you didn't enter correct server name. Also can be that with your server should work different LPC software. Your server software is not typical, so can't tell which software should be on LPC. As I told before on Fuji usually used three applications FDIA, FE, or MS. When used FDIA software on LPC should be installed C4/C5 ( software responsible for communication between LPC and server ) . On typical FDIA the same C4/C5 is installed on server. Might be on LPC you also need to install C4/C5, or software used on your server. More information about FMPC ( other name - LPC ) can find on Frontier Manager Printer Controller INSTALLATION / SERVICE MANUAL ( manual PP3-A1060E ) and on user manual ( PP3-B1212E ) .
  3. If G laser is OK ( can see on service menu ) , you changed AOM driver, but still do not have magenta then probably AOM crystal is faulty. It is typical fault on these laser units. I have AOM crystals, if you need it.
  4. CMemMan.dll should be on CD with software. I see this file on most Fuji CD ( A1, S1, S9 and some other ) . Might be your CD is scratched and file can't be reached. Search file name on this CD, or some other with Fuji software. Then before instillation copy this file to C:\Winnt\System32.
  5. You have to find what is wrong - printer, or processor. First check chemicals. Run through processor fogged paper and make sure that it is absolutely black. If chemicals are good only then can search what is wrong with printer. Do you have image file for printer computer ( with Linux ) ? If have - easy can recover HD.
  6. Do you mean ODCB on server? There it should be installed from the same CD, where from installing software. If to use FE server ( S2 ) then some elements need to load from Windows instillation CD. For C4/C5 and MS01 usually do not need Windows CD.
  7. It is very easy to make HD image - connect USB HD, into CD drive put bootable Acronis CD and boot from it. After that boot from it and select to make HD image. If HD faulty can restore image on the same, or other HD. ff1394Lab.dll is on CD with drivers. You have first install drivers and only after that FMPC software. Drivers are on separate CD.
  8. ff1394Lab.dll is on CD with drivers. You have first install drivers and only after that FMPC software. If you installing D20, or S9 then drivers are on other CD ( name S9-D ) . If installing MS01 then drivers are on the same CD ( or DVD ) .
  9. Check magazine. Paper from there supplied bad. Try put paper into other magazine, which was tested and works well.
  10. Do not understand your language. This is international forum, so write in English. You should respect other forum members, if want to get answers to your questions.
  11. You can load backup, but before doing this make new scanner backup. You do not know what is on this backup. Having new backup if something wrong you can easy return.
  12. FDIA software, FE software, and MS software - three typical software packages to run Fuji minilabs and I wrote about them. Your software is not typical, so do not know which software should be installed on FMPC ( LPC ) . Ezmain name has D20 and A1 software ( FDIA software elements on LPC and scanner ) . FE and MS software startup files have name Pnslauncher. Might be on your LPC was installed D20 ( LPC software from FDIA packet ) , but I'm not sure about that. Why you didn't protect yourself and didn't make HD image file, until all worked? When have it can easy to recover all.
  13. All look good. Do not see noise on sensitivity check menu. Just Green led has a little non uniformity. Self diagnostic didn't find any errors. Maybe here is software bug, partially faulty scanner control pcb, or something wrong with scanner data. Try upgrade software on scanner board ( from service menu ) . Also make scanner backup and try temporarily load other scanner backup. You can't use other backup - it is only to test. After that have return original settings ( using your scanner backup ) . Scanner control pcb can test on other scanner. There need to run software update and load other scanner backup. Also can use other scanner board on your scanner. Before removing you need to make backup, which you need load back when return board.
  14. Frontier 375 can work using FDIA software ( D20 on LPC and C4/C5 on server ) , FE software ( S9 on LPC and S2 on server ) , or MS01 software ( MS01Printer on LPC and MS01 Server on server computer ) . Which of them you have installed?
  15. First you need change Green laser head. It gives magenta noise. If after that you have not noise, but will be 06902-00004 error then you have check all other ( upgrade software on boards, check connections ) . To update software on boards you have go to service mode, software upgrade menu and select boards, which you want upgrade. I have repaired G laser head in stock, if you need it.
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