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  1. I wrote you private message. Read it and respond. You will get not only software with manuals, but full support to install and make adjustments.
  2. Not all can be found on manuals - few important details missed there. I have all manuals and the most important know how to install all correctly. Also for this model have long length print software. Write private message, if need manuals, software or help.
  3. On 32 bit installation is complicated also. Many adjustments need to do on FMPC computer, if want that it work properly.
  4. To add on maintenance utility not enough. Have add on MS01 ( add - delete printer menu ) . After adding have adjust it ( enter used USB port ) .
  5. Hello profshery. My profile is not trash box. Your message there deleted. When need something - write private message ( envelope symbol at the top of the page ) . There are not any drivers for Fuji LP-7100 and Noritsu QSS3501F PLUS . They have network connection ( not USB ) . Yes, need system software, profiles and printing interface to use these minilabs. Software for Fuji is very old and has not any updates. The latest system software is version 4. Can be installed on W7 32 bits. Have print from MS01. The latest software from Noritsu - version 19 ( released at the end of last year ) . Can work on W10 x64, or other Windows. Have use with Ez controller ( the latest version - 6.80 ) . Fuji LP-7100 and Noritsu QSS3501F PLUS can install using both software. If it is Fuji and want install as Noritsu have to know how to do it ( not typical installation ) . Can offer both software - Fuji and Noritsu. Write private message, if want to buy them. Also step by step explain how to install all and make settings there. Denis Fotogold. Just now saw your message. I have D1005 HR service manual and new software ( version 7 ) . Write private message, if interested.
  6. What is red - server, printer, or both of them? If server - then problem with computer settings. If red printer - then problem with driver, MSP48, not installed patch, or printer not registered on MS01.
  7. Which board you are talking about? If about board with two LEDs for 135 DX sensors then on board see number J490360 (unit W412801-01) . On older carriers - J490252 (unit W407998-01) .
  8. Probably AOM driver B channel faulty. Can see missing yellow on part of second photo. On first foto no yellow at all. Try switch Band G channels on AOM driver ( input with input and output with output ) . If after that have SOS error, then aom driver faulty.
  9. Are you sure that have 07106 error? Maybe 07116 ? What message do you see with this error? Do you have D703, or other model? Which system software version is installed?
  10. On Fuji LP-7700 part list this is B022540-01 ( gear unit ) .
  11. Each workstation need dongle. When scanner and minilab are separately you need two workstations ( one for printer and other for scanner ) . Might be they have empty dongle. Optional software where supplied with additional dongle. When licence transferred into main dongle it becomes empty. I can program it. Could be dongle from Any ch reg, Caption Edit, CD-R , Digital-ICE, HCDR-A, ICC, LUT select, Print-Driver, Printer tone setup, Red eye, Scale adjustment, Tone customize To empty dongle can add main licence ( to run software ) and any optional modules. All can do online. If you can't get empty dongle I have them. I can add main software and options you need and send dongle to you. When you have second dongle you can run two working stations. By the way - if someone need can make additional workstation, which can be connected to existing minilab. Just need install R-EZ software and plug in dongle with R-EZ licence and optional modules. Have these dongles also.
  12. Yes, can connect DNP DS40 and DS80. Also can connect Epson 3800, 3850, 4400, 4450, 4800, 4880, 7400, 7450, 7600, 7800, 7880, 7900, 9400, 9450, 9800, 9880, 10600, 11880 and R2880 . To connect DNP need install only driver. To connect Epson need to install driver and connection software for Ez controller.
  13. What do you need - QSS Printer, or Noritsu printer driver? QSS Printer is system software for NPS minilabs. Printer driver is to print on minilabs from any computer, which is connected to the same network. I have both software. Write private message, if need them.
  14. Hello. I responded your private message and you have all information there, MS01 not enough for you. Also need system software, connection software, print module and CD with profiles. I have all that.
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