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  1. Minilab service

    Waste chemical

    What is the problem? Do you see leakage from overfilled tanks? Is waste tank full, or empty? Can be three reasons - replenishment and water filling doesn't work, clogged pipes between working tanks and waste solution tank, or clogged draining pipes.
  2. I have all virtual boosters - type A, type B, type C and type D. Wrote you about it on private message, when you asked about booster there, but you didn't send any answer. Type D booster can be used only on QSS3502. It can't be used on QSS3501. QSS3501 has one printing lane and QSS3502 has two printing lanes. To use capacity booster type D on QSS3501 and convert it into faster QSS3502 minilab first have change minilab hardware ( to have two printing lanes ) . It is too expensive to add on this minilab. Boosters A and C can be used on QSS32 and QSS33 minilabs ( only models with scanners, A for regular and C for SD models ) to increase printing speed. Booster type B can be used on QSS32, but after that need to use fast process chemicals. Booster B is to have faster processing on QSS32 and QSS32SD ( all models - with scanner and PRO ) .
  3. Do not understand your language. This is international forum, so write in English. You should respect other forum members, if want to get answers to your questions
  4. Of course first have replace waste tank absorber and clean tank, but it will not remove message. Waste tank has not any sensors. After replacement and cleaning have reset counter and enter replacement date. Enter into service mode. Go to printer operation information menu. There can delete total print counts, total print counts 2, waste ink tank usage rate and waste box usage rate. After that go to printer specification menu. There replacement dates of the waste ink tank absorber, paper cutter unit and head plate unit can be registered and shown. When you replace each part, enter the replacement date as a reference for the next replacement.
  5. Yes, I have all of them. Write private message and we can discuss everything there.
  6. Something wrong in your message. There are 7 S3 CDs. S3-1 - Variety Print Software , S3-2 - Template Data Vol.1 , S3-3 - Template Data Vol.2 , S3-4 - Template Data Vol.3 , S3-5 - Template Data Vol.4 , S3-6 - Template Data Vol.5 , S3-7 - Template Editing Tool. Can't be, that all 7 CD broken. You wrote that you have Template Editing Tool and it is S3-7. S7 not related with templates. S7 is Multi-DICII Connection Software.
  7. I never promised to send driver and didn't write about that. Just wrote that have it and told on which Windows can work.
  8. If you want to get help have write correct model name. Nobody find 470BW, because it doesn't exist. Is your film processor is QSF-BW470L, QSF-BW470LU, or QSF-BW470L-2 ?
  9. Run "QSS Printer" software and enter into service mode. Then look what you see on software version check menu ( processor ) . Might be processor board lost software. Processor board software can be restored from software upgrade menu ( select processor and upgrade it ) . If software upgrade doesn't help try to load processor backup. Only when minilab works from "QSS Printer" you can search problems on EZ controller. The latest QSS Printer is version 19 and EZ controller 6.80. No any QSS Printer updates for QSS35 since version 12 - just latter version can work on latter version. You have version 13 and it is for W7, version 14 and 15 - W7 Sp1, version 16 and 17 - W8, version 18 and 19 - W10. I have all QSS Printer and EZ controller versions.
  10. Are we owe you something and have to send files? You got replay here and know that driver for Windows 10 doesn't exist. Driver you have to ask your equipment supplier. If they supplied printer should give driver also Printer is old and nowadays can find many better thermal sublimation printers. If wanna to use it printer driver and manuals are here. https://files.fm/down.php?i=qw4rk8ue
  11. Minilab service


    Do you really think, that we understand your language? This is international forum, so write in English. You should respect other forum members, if want to get answers to your questions.
  12. If paper length is OK then cutter works well. Try make printing center correction ( from mechanical adjustments ) . On mechanical adjustments there are more settings, but they affect all papers.
  13. First check circuit breaker, earth leakage breaker and three circuit protectors ( CP1, CP2, CP3 ) . Some of them will be disconnected. Then you can see where to search.
  14. I have driver for Noritsu IP-64, but only version for Windows 2000 / Windows XP. Might be it could work on W7 32 bit, but not sure about that.
  15. QSS3201 can be connected to EZ controller directly. To connect QSS2901 need one more computer - with EZ Lab software. EZ controller works like QSS Kids. QSS Kids is old software, which can be installed on Windows XP. EZ controller can be installed on any Windows - even on W10 x64. I have EZ controller, connection software ( to connect QSS3101-1 and latter ) , EZ Lab and all optional modules. Write private message, if need something.
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