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  1. Can you tell what exactly is not white - not exposed paper, or light printed area? If it is light printed area then need upgrade system software. This problem was solved on system software version 12 and latter. The latest - version 19.
  2. You can't ignore error from digital masking unit, because one board doesn't work and makes a noise. You just can remove digital masking modules and work without them. When boards removed digital masking will be disabled automatically. Digital ICE can be enabled, because it works without these boards.
  3. It is some problem with image correction pcb. Try to clean - reattach RAM. If this fault doesn't effect prints - ignore it. Board too expensive to change it.
  4. This is recovery CD. That means it is to restore prepared Windows on empty HD. This CD is not to install on XP, or some other Windows. During computer startup select boot from CD. All information on HD will be deleted and Windows restored.
  5. Something wrong with image correction pcb. Try to run "Media" and "Film" tests separately. Look when you have "No Good" ( on one test, or both ) . Go into service mode and try upgrade image correction pcb software. On other hand you should not care about this message, if prints from scanner and digital prints are well.
  6. You have error 6903-001 ( not 8903-001 ) . 6903-001 means serial communication error - between the ATX mother board and the colorimeter control PCB . Check COM port, settings on device manager, COM port connection, power supply on colorimeter power suppliers on board ( +24V, +12V, +5V ) . Can be problem with COM, power supply, connections and board.
  7. 6026-0001 means the MLVA head temperature is abnormal due to a PCB failure. Check it.
  8. There are many drivers, which work with Konica software and they are loaded on Windows. Try to clone original HD, find missing drivers and after that.run Phoenix.
  9. Which Windows on new computer - Windows 2000, XP, or W7 x86? Did you transfer all Konica drivers, which where installed on Windows? Try to clone original HD, find missing drivers and after that.run Phoenix.
  10. You can work without these boards. Do not need these boards for digital ICE ( digital ice is to to remove dust ). They are only for digital masking ( to mask scratches ) . OK, I will ask. Yes, I remember you and repaired AOM drivers for QSS32 and helped to solve some other problems.
  11. Turn off minilab with breaker and remove all optional boards, ram and run test. You shouldn't have any errors. Boards and RAM are optional. You can remove and work without them. For example in Lithuania all QSS32 are without these optional boards. Only one had them, but already removed ( one board gave noise ) . As I told before board can ask Vincent. He removed all boards and works without them. He had the same as you - only one board is not working. If he will not agree to sell I can ask other customer from Lithuania. He has removed all boards and only one doesn't work ( gives noise ) .
  12. Hello. It is typical fault. Three my customers had noise, when digital masking enabled. One board doesn't work and gives a noise. All boards and memory on digital ICE pcb are optional and they are for digital masking only. Digital ICE works without it. You can remove all these boards and work without digital masking. Also can replace one board. All my three customers decided to remove optional boards and work without digital masking. Vincent ( from France - Reunion ) is one of them. Maybe he agree to sell working board to you.
  13. I have MS01 versions 2.1, 2.5.5, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.2, 4.2R and 10.0 . Versions up to 3.1 - for XP, 4.0, 4.2 and 4.2R - for W7 x86 and version 10.0 - for W10 x64.
  14. Which software you use? MS01 scans in .tif by default. On server can use these raw files, or change file format and resolution. The biggest scanned file resolution can get if select the print channel with biggest print. If you use C4/C5 software then on server have create service and there select file format and resolution.
  15. Here is two phase bipolar motor controlled by TA8430AF. Power supply - only 5V. Motor is small and not powerful, so even small disturb can stop it. When we are taking about software I have upgrade to version 2. Also online can reprogram dongle adding new correction options, which where released with R3 minilab. I have Any ch reg, Caption Edit, CD-R, D-ICE, HCDR-A, ICC, LUT select, P-Driver, Tone setup, Red eye, Scale adjustment, Tone customize options. Some options can be used on stand alone scanner. Tell, if need them.
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