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  1. Press and hold sorter button. Might be your minilab is in stand by mode.
  2. Usually on Blue takes a longer time to have synchronization. To make sure switch AOM drivers ( for example Blue with Green ) . Look changes after that. Run laser test software and find minimal percents when have not errors.
  3. Hello Miguela. Which Fuji printer do you have? Here is topic about LP-1500/LP-2000. If you have LP-1500 or LP-2000 and see W-2411 error then go to input check and look paper sensor status ( sensors D541, D552, D560, D561, D562, D571, D572, D573 ) . When paper removed they should be light. Can be closed, dirty, or faulty sensor, bad connection, or faulty CTL20 board. Check what you have on your minilab and then can say more. If you have different printer - write model.
  4. Hello. Here is topic about QSS29. It is absolutely different minilab. About your problem read there : https://www.minilabhelp.com/forums/topic/25642-prints-change-to-green
  5. W-2203 is hardware error. You can't reset it, if problem exists. W-2203 - ink cartridge error. Ink cartridge is not recognized. Reset the corresponding color’s Ink cartridge, replace the corresponding color’s Ink cartridge with a new one., check connection the FFC that connects the Ink cartridge holder and the main board.
  6. Double side can be printed on converted standard QSS32 and QSS37. One Chinese company convert them. Do not remember company name, but saw this minilab on Photokina. Do not know who makes double side silver halide paper. Can be that on special order did some Chinese company. Of course can be that paper made Fuji, or Kodak, but do not think they would make small order. Minilab makers doesn't duplex silver halide printers, so paper is not required. About paper can ask company which converts QSS32 and QSS37, or minilab reseller, which sells them.
  7. On any Windows ( even on Windows 10 PRO 64 bits ) can use EZ controller and connection software for QSS32SD. The latest EZ controller - version 7.00. On W10 can work version 6.60 and latter ( 6.70, 6.71, 6.72, 6.80, 6.81, 7.00 ) . There working interface is similar to QSS Kids. To use print driver need updated version, which can work on new Windows. Write private message and I can explain everything about them.
  8. All AOM drivers are different, so it is normally that do not have balance when swap them. To have correct balance need few times do daily setup ( until get good result ) . Then can print and look color balance changes.
  9. When fault is random ( only sometimes changing power ) then laser test will not help you. It is other method to test laser head, but to do it need disassemble laser unit. You had random only Magenta color changes with three AOM drivers ( Y +0,1 M+4,7 C 0 D +0,9 with first AOM driver, Y0 M+1,4 C0 D+0,2 with second and Y0 M-1.0 C0 D0,2 with third. It is very low possibility, that all three AOM drivers are bad. To make sure you can try switch AOM drivers again ( this time R with G ) . Then Magenta will be tested with 4 AOM drivers. Few times saw when B1 type laser behavior this way. Write private message, or email if want to get full working laser head.
  10. The most unstable are R and G - not B 2.6. 16:56 Y-0,3 M+0,2 C0 D+01 - normal corrections 3.6. 8:42 Y-0,9 M-0,5 C0 D-0,3 - Y and M decreased to have more Cyan. Both corrections with minus and difference between Y and M not big ( 0.4 ) . More corrected Y. 3.6. 17:06 Y+0,7 M+1,3 C0 D+0,4 - Y and M increased to have more Cyan. Both corrections with plus, but difference between Y and M this time a little bigger ( 0.6 ) . More corrected M. 4.6. 8:33 Y0 M-1 C0 D0,2 - M instability. Corrected only Magenta and corrections quite big ( 1.0 ) You with two AOM drivers had random instability on Magenta ( Green channel ) . For example - with first AOM driver you had Y +0,1 M+4,7 C 0 D +0,9 and with second AOM driver you had Y0 M-1 C0 D0,2 . Guess that G laser head has instability. Sometimes laser heads behavior this way. Which laser type do you have? I have repaired and good working laser heads for A1, B1 and Ff type lasers. R channel instability can be, if to use temperature correction option and there entered values, which are not good for exact minilab. It is difficult to find the best values, so usually temperature correction is disabled. When some laser head has instability then impossible to find correct temperature correction values.
  11. 6016-0004 means the cut end sensor does not turn DARK even though a specified time has passed since cut operation was completed and the cut home sensor turned LIGHT. Open printer door and on door sensors put magnets. Then go to input and output check menu. There check sensors ( when opened and closed ) and run motor. Then you can see what is wrong there. Faulty cutter motor is typical fault on Noritsu minilabs. There use brushed DC motors and they after some time have problems with brushes.
  12. To restore all need recovery CD for your computer ( FC7011 ) . Then need A1 software ( the latest version is 4.0 ) , backups ( for scanner and printer ) , CD with profiles ( type R ) and optional modules ( depends what you need ) . Also need install file export software. It depends which software installed on server ( FDIA, FE, or MS01 ) . If need more information - write private message.
  13. Drive voltage pcb can have faulty various parts. They have not some specific element, which should be replaced. I have not this board - just can repair your not working. Write private message, if need to repair it.
  14. ARCNET and LVDS drivers installed with system software, so they should be on Windows. On all QSS29 computers used the same ARCNET and LVDS boards, so to install them used the same drivers.
  15. The F-235 software requires that there be a hard drive partition set up specifically for the software to use. This drive needs to be the secondary master drive, configured as the N: drive, and must NOT be formatted. Scanner should be connected to the USB 2.0.
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