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  1. On Fuji LP-7700 part list this is B022540-01 ( gear unit ) .
  2. Each workstation need dongle. When scanner and minilab are separately you need two workstations ( one for printer and other for scanner ) . Might be they have empty dongle. Optional software where supplied with additional dongle. When licence transferred into main dongle it becomes empty. I can program it. Could be dongle from Any ch reg, Caption Edit, CD-R , Digital-ICE, HCDR-A, ICC, LUT select, Print-Driver, Printer tone setup, Red eye, Scale adjustment, Tone customize To empty dongle can add main licence ( to run software ) and any optional modules. All can do online. If you can't get empty dongle I have them. I can add main software and options you need and send dongle to you. When you have second dongle you can run two working stations. By the way - if someone need can make additional workstation, which can be connected to existing minilab. Just need install R-EZ software and plug in dongle with R-EZ licence and optional modules. Have these dongles also.
  3. Yes, can connect DNP DS40 and DS80. Also can connect Epson 3800, 3850, 4400, 4450, 4800, 4880, 7400, 7450, 7600, 7800, 7880, 7900, 9400, 9450, 9800, 9880, 10600, 11880 and R2880 . To connect DNP need install only driver. To connect Epson need to install driver and connection software for Ez controller.
  4. What do you need - QSS Printer, or Noritsu printer driver? QSS Printer is system software for NPS minilabs. Printer driver is to print on minilabs from any computer, which is connected to the same network. I have both software. Write private message, if need them.
  5. Hello. I responded your private message and you have all information there, MS01 not enough for you. Also need system software, connection software, print module and CD with profiles. I have all that.
  6. Yes, R1 can work without scanner. Have turn off scanner on Konica software and can disconnect it. Of course can print only digital files. Can use scanner standalone on Windows XP, Windows 2000. Even on W7 x86 it should work. To run software you need dongle. It is on original computer, but they need it also. If on workstation is version 2 you will have missing printer error, if try to run stand alone scanner. It is not problem - I know how to bypass it. Also can make dongle to run second computer. Into dongle can enter more options, than you have now. Can add all options, which can find on Konica R3. All these options can be added into R1 and R2. If you have empty dongle I can program it online. Contact, if need something.
  7. Now you have two errors - 240 lane ( few sensors ) and 135 lane ( many sensors also ) . Hope you understand, that so many sensors can't be faulty at the same time. It is some other problem. Your carrier rollers look fine, so if you want I can repair it. Write private message, if want to do it.
  8. Doesn't matter, that you do not use 240 lane. If have error there you can't scan 135 lane also. When you have 01406-00013 error that means that have errors from few 240 lane sensors. Set 240 lane, go to input check and look which sensors are dark. When you see error from few sensors can be calibration problem, or problem with carrier hardware. Go to scanner menu and make scanner backup. Then go to afc menu and try adjust sensitivity and intensity for these sensors. If even with maximal value ( 255 ) sensors still dark that means your afc is not working and need to repair it. It is not some miracle. Now have 7 carriers to repair ( from UK, Germany, Sweden and Latvia ) . All they have various hardware problems and I have to repair them. Rare had to change sensors. Usually other problems cause error.
  9. W-4806 means the focus calibration is not performed yet. Perform the focus calibration. Did you try to adjust focus for 135 manual mask, or mask for mounted slides? If here 135 manual mask then you should use negative film. If it is mask for mounted slides then can be positive ( mounted slide ) . Put film and run focus calibration. When calibration successful you should see focus value ( digit with - sign, or without it: for example -3 , 8 , 4, -16 or some other value ) . Only then you can enter it and focus would be completed. Now on your screenshot do not see focus value. There just see ----- and nothing else. Try do calibration for some other mask. Pay attention - with exact mask you have use correct diffusion box.
  10. First you should learn without mistakes - NFC 10Y and MFC 10Y instead MFC10AY. Now wrote 0331 instead 0321. Regular means any good quality film, which you have. Should be with image and image should have good focus.
  11. You still didn't provide full information. Probably on your scanner installed MS11 for SP-3000 ( version 2.0-0E-030 ) . This software on scanner loaded S1 software version 3.0-AE-822 , S4 software version 3.0-0X-480 and S30 software version 3.0-0E-141. Might be there additionally installed some optional modules. W-4352 and W-4353 errors are not related with focus. These errors mean data on disk mismatch data on boards. Only you can know, where you have correct data. Did you change CTB and CLE boards? Did you install scanner without loading backup, or used backup from other scanner? You have to match data, but have know where have correct data ( on boards, or on hard disk ) . Using service menu can transfer data from hard disk to board, or from board to hard disk. Scanner with W-4352 and W-4353 errors should work. When installed 3.0-AE-822 then on scanner computer you should see 0321 menu ( Focus Position Adjustment ) . There have make focus using regular film and mask should be registered.
  12. Which software version installed on SCANNER computer? On main window with mouse press "i" and you see versions. There should be MS11 version, S2 version, or A1 version. Which printer is connected to your FMPC ? MS01 version 3.2 doesn't exist. There are versions 2.1, 2.5.5, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 4.2 . Please provide full and correct information. On SP3000 focus can make using regular film ( slide in your case ) . Just go to maintenance menu ( password 7777 ) , scanner adjustment, Focus Position Adjustment and make focus there.
  13. Which software version installed on your SP-3000 scanner? Is it connected to minilab, to FMPC, or stand alone? SP-3000 software have 4 digit decimal menu ( not three hex symbols ) . You asked about SP-3000 scanner. Maybe you really have SP-2000 model? Asking, because you wrote wrong manual carrier model. MFC10AY is manual carrier for SP-3000 MFC10Y is manual carrier for SP-2000 ( absolutely different and older model ) .
  14. All connect already and you do not need change anything. New short LVDS cable is already connected to the scanner side and other side connected to board. Marked connector on top is not LVDS. It is regular connector. Leave it connected. Can do one change - fix LVDS cable to ground using clamps with screws.
  15. Hello. When question is in English I can answer it. All very simple. Just put carrier and mask which you need. With mask have put correct diffusion box. Then go to 0321 menu, put film and make focus correction there. Also can make mask position adjustment - 0420 menu. These tests have do for each mask separately. To make scanner light correction use calibration mask. After that you can scan your films.
  16. alex800, why did you post here? 10 years passed since this question posted.
  17. S2 is server software - not variety print. Variety print is S3. There are many S3 software CD - S3-1, S3-2 and etc. S3-7 is Template Editing Tool and you need it to create templates. I have all S3 set. Write private message, if interested.
  18. I responded your private message and hope explained all there. If still do not understand something - write me again. Software not included into kit, so it is normally. With kit you got more hardware, than really need for conversion. ARCNET is optical cable ( one pair - transmitter and receiver ) . It was connected into old scanner control pcb ( black and white round connectors ) . You do not need ARCNET cable, when scanner converted into HS-1800.
  19. As I told before driver not enough - you need system software. Can't offer software free of charge. Write private message, if want to purchase it. I can offer version 7 and you can install where you want - on W7, W10, or some other Windows. If you really need version 6 I can offer it also, but why to use it, when latest software can be used also.
  20. Scanner doesn't have any firewire cable. Here on your picture USB 2.0 B Type extension cable. As Dave S said you have connect it into the most important part - scanner control pcb. It is necessary to replace with board, which is in your kit. In your kit included other board - scanner driver pcb. This board can leave original, or can replace with supplied. Your choice to replace it, or not. Old model perfectly works on converted scanner. Yes, remove old ( long ) LVDS cable. Instead it connect new short cable supplied with kit. Other cable side connect to scanner control pcb ( connector at the top - look picture above ) . ARCNET cable will not need anymore. Write private message, if need any software to run scanner.
  21. Ask support kit supplier. What you do not understand, when have kit and manual? Many times converted S4 to HS-1800 without manual and without any conversion kits and they all work. If you need software I have all to run this scanner. Can offer the latest EZ controller ( version 6.80 ) . It can work with dongle, or without it. Also can offer the latest system software, which is designed to work on W10.
  22. I think you need not backup. On backup are your minbilab settings. Backup can save and load on workstation computer - Konica settings menu 27. All minilabs are different, so backups are individual and can be used only on exact minilab. Probably you need ghost file to recover R2-700 minilab printer DP-2000E computer ( with Linux ) . Which Konica software version you have there?
  23. To work with scanner driver not enough - need system software. Driver is installed with system software. To work on W7 x64 stand alone you need LS-600 system software version 6. To use with minilab ( not stand alone ) is enough system software version 5. The latest system software - version 7. This version can work on W10. Of course it also can work on W7 x64. I have all three software versions. Write private message, if need it.
  24. If paper advance is stable then length can correct on 0520 menu ( 452 menu, if minilab connected to FMPC ) . If advance not stable it is mechanical problem ( paper advance from magazine to cutter ) .
  25. OK. If minilab started you need replace battery on processor pcb. Can use similar replacement battery from any maker and solder it into the board. Force start jumper return to original position ( connect where it was connected before ) .
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