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  1. On any other Kodak Models G4,GS,GS OS, G4XL etc. yes it´s possible
  2. Hi, Igorphoto Not possible because you can´t install the ENABLER. This option is not available on the GS Compact Regards
  3. Hi, Kreja Sorry for the late Reply The problem on your printed is situated on the TOP COVER. So what you do is open the printer and locate on the top cover a shaft with two hooks These two hooks they must be very tight and straight. Hope this will help Regards
  4. Yes it is possible. I have done it on DX100 with MS 3.1 and MS 4.xx. KODAK KIOSK GSOS V.4.0 SP2 Works 100%
  5. I Kreja I have you solved the problem??? This has been reported 10 days ago so I´m not sure if you have solved If not tell me and I will help
  6. Hi, kreja Mech Error 06 , you have a problem on the Pintch Motor. Sometimes it can be unblocked by running the diagnostics and force the Pintch Motor Up/Down , but later it will come again the Error. Change the Motor P/Nº. 3F4820RH
  7. Hi,Simmon If I remember correctly on my good old days in Kodak--The Password to exit to "OS" is----43230-- Good Luck
  8. Hi,good morning This upgrade to the new consumible I had problems with 6800 / 6850 the Motor 1 had problem, doesn´t run smoothly . This will cause paper advance problems and that´s why you will have all kind of errors. Please run Diagnostics and do the following test -- Enable Motor1 to run and hold the drive belt with your hand-- If you manage to hold the belt,then your Main Board is faulty ( The Driver Circuit to Motor1 --Step Motor--) This Main Board is very expensive from Kodak and I manage to have them repaired locally ( Portugal) and since the beginning of the year I have repair about 6 Main Boards. Printer 605 no problem Kodak came out with a new Firmware update ONLY 6800 &6500 ----Feb. 2011-- I hope this will help
  9. Hi, did you get other ERRORS like 71 ,91??? Is your printer running on the new consumible??
  10. hi there i tried to download that file on http://www.mediafire.com/?ejnev2571sqvj6y, it says that there is no file... can you help me...thanks
  11. Hi,If the Monitor is a PM17 then the problem is the electrolytic capacitors (2) A.Espadeiro
  12. Hi, there I have a good experience regarding the problem you have. I am an Ex-Kodak employee ( Technician) in Portugal and we were doing the Service and Support on Noritsu Equipments until closed doors last year. I have my own business on Service and Support Noritsu,Kodak Kiosks. The problem you mentioned is related to Chemical Problems. When you carry out the Weekly set-up and the RGB Lines are out of the Tolerance Lines (Out dotted Lines) please DO NOT REGISTER the reading .because this will interfere with High Density Areas (Black) or on the top of the Graph will affect Low Density Areas (White). If the white areas are affected you will get all the WHITE WITH A SPLASH. PLEASE CHECH YOU CHEMISTRY. Also check your Densitometer, you have to remove it ,clean the rubber roller and the sensors. It is very important that the reading of the all 18 Steps will be read correctly. There is a Mode to calibrate correctly the Stop Position of the paper in the Densitometer. Is also very importante to check the Spring under the Colorimeter if is Pushing against the Paper. I hope this will help
  13. Hi, I am an Ex-Kodak Employee in Portugal (Technical) and I am running my company. I do S&S on Noritsu equipments as well Kodak Kiosks , can you tell what version of firmware is that??? Thanks
  14. Hi,everyone I am an Ex-kodak Employee between South-Africa and Portugal (Total 24 years) and I am running my own business since Kodak closed down operation in Portugal last year. This company is focused in selling Minilab consumables, Kiosks, as well doing technical support on Kodak Kiosk,Noritsu Minilabs and Kis. I am looking for a supplier of PHOTO PRINT KIT 6R(Cat 1696418) so I can import to sell in the local market I am also looking for a SPARES SUPPLIER for KODAK KIOSK SPARES( G4,G3and Printer Spares 6800,6850,605) and KIS . Can someone Help?? Thank you
  15. New Life

    Kodak G3

    You don´t need the Front Usb port because on a G3 what we technical guys do is getting from a computer shop an USB extension cable( one side male on the other side Female) and connect to an USB port at the back of the G3.( Male side goes to connect on G3 and the female side is were the customer USB Flash drive is connected) What Version of Software is installed in G3?
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