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  1. please i got an error message saying upgrade failed while upgrading minilab to version 3 should i put the GPR23 to OFF ? should i put minilab on boot cancel .? or there is another problem to upgrade the version? thank's
  2. surviving


    thank you Minilab service and sorry again
  3. surviving


    w-2331 image control box cooling fan (f620) abnormal some questions is that message concern the fan on the top of the laser filter? if yes is the fans run permanentely ?or only when we make print? cause the fan's are not working when machine is on stand by please help
  4. surviving


    hi everybody need the MSP46 any help be appreciated thank's in advance
  5. Can someone explain me thanks for all
  6. Hi I have an Frontier LP7500 and got this message E06901-0521 when I tried to plug the fiber cables between prossesor and printer please need your helps NB: Frontier LP7500 is the same as noritsu 3702sd
  7. a have frontier LP5700R a look for software fujifilm MS  If you can send me 

    Thank you!
    1. surviving


      hi contact me by what's up +213555734903

  8. surviving

    Frontier LP5700

    I add to check thermostat
  9. Fuji1 there's no fmpc and fe frontend there's only one pc on ms01r
  10. Yes I know and u know too
  11. If you wonder let's talk about I am ready to answer and I wonder too
  12. It s not fair to say that I am charging peoples so I am not engineer if that make u feel better. Let s stop that here I don't want to talk about Business ethics
  13. I suppose that you want me to pay for your answer? Right so no problème change the name and do a scale and prices for each response you do
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