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  1. surviving

    Frontier LP5700

    I add to check thermostat
  2. Fuji1 there's no fmpc and fe frontend there's only one pc on ms01r
  3. Yes I know and u know too
  4. If you wonder let's talk about I am ready to answer and I wonder too
  5. It s not fair to say that I am charging peoples so I am not engineer if that make u feel better. Let s stop that here I don't want to talk about Business ethics
  6. I suppose that you want me to pay for your answer? Right so no problème change the name and do a scale and prices for each response you do
  7. By the way when you say 99% did see all my interventions
  8. False I have answered for many questions even my own questions I let's à solution when I find you have to check the answers
  9. thank 's a lot barsheed
  10. minilab service it's not worth pretending to help if you send me to my supplier if I could have my supplier I'm not here. this forum we should call it minilabmoney because here we are looking for more potential buyers than helping each other between communities it gives me disgust to think about it
  11. Thank s minilab service I have the manual I follow all the procedure and presettingon windows 10 pro N installed the framework finally when I launch the software it miss some app it does not launch all I attached a picture
  12. hello all please is there a difference between the installation of the 4.2 and the MS01R 10 i followed the whole installation manual but in the final the startup does not launch all the applications did i forget something?thank's
  13. surviving


    i a already installed the ms14 version 3 but does not work so i copied the fes folder from my 4.2 MS past it on the new it work fine thank's to all
  14. surviving


    thanks minilab service but which version do i need on ms14?
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