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    Dks 3 Electronics

    Yeah Todd, In Africa we have al lot of voltage spikes and dips. The regulators just insures that we have a stable supply to the machines. They are big and bulky. Studio1, I have replaced a lot of mechanical parts as well on my DKS2. My DKS3 has also worked hard but nowhere as hard as my DKS2. Which board was replaced under warranty. I have not come across the LCD needing replacement yet. I have also been informed that KISS are not supporting the DKS2 from about September this year. I just want to get to the bottom of the electronic issues that I am experiencing along with a large number of all the DKS3 owners in South Africa.
  2. Hi All, I have been coming across a lot DKS 3 with electronic issues. Mainly the tank board with the drive motor not being driven anymore. Increasingly there are more and more problems creeping in. Heaters not switching on, dryer and dryer fans not switching on. The list goes on and on. I am just seeing a trend as the machines gets older, year 3 and 4 mainly so the unit deterate at an alarming rate, or if the machine is at a busy site the same starts to happen at a quicker pase. I own both the DKS 2 and 3, but the 3 seems to a problem. The DKS 2 is about 8yrs old and the only electronic part replaced is the usal suspect the refurbished LCD Unit. DKS 3 there have been a number of Tank Boards and Transport Boards have been replaced, as well as a few solid state relays and of course the Green LED has been changed 3 times. The DKS 2 and 3 are both running on their own voltage regulators. I was wondering what the genral thought are about this in the forum.
  3. Hi All, I am trying to help a lab owner that has a QSS 2921 DLS. The problem is that he has thrown away the original IPW PC(IBM 6866) and built in his mind a quicker PC. The problem is that with building the quicker PC so long ago it's now starting to fail. The PC motherboard is on its way out. So there lies the problem at hand. Not only does the recovery not work, which we have devised a work around. What ever PC motherboard we get, the OS is going to be out of date and drivers will not work. The DLS software runs on W2K. So if we change the PC motherboard, we have to change everything else as well......RAM, CPU...... What I am asking the forum is, has anyone been able to load the DLS software on a newer Win OS or any other OS? Does it run with no problems? Was it difficult to change over? Remember the the DLS software come from NT4 days and was upgraded to W2K with version 3.0 DLS. Rgds
  4. I need some help on a QSS 2711 DLS and MP1600. The IPW on the DLS went down and could not be resurrected due to the nature of the programming and recovery method, the components are not functioning i.e. the plextor CD writer. I have built the customer another PC with off the shelf components and loaded the software. There is however some issues. CD burning is not functional, no Plextor available. That's OK as there is the CD export function which is available. The real issue is uniformity. SCSI is dead in SA. There is no support and sales of SCSI. So I am looking for a 68 pin to 50 pin SCSI converter or a SCSI 1 to 50 pin SCSI cable. This is needed to get the Micro Teck 9600 XL flatbed scanner to connected to the Adaptec SCSI card in the PC. If you have stock can we purchase a unit if not can you put me in touch with a company that has. If we cannot achieve the above mentioned, is there a way that we can perform uniformity on a stand alone system and load the uniformity to the MP1600. Any help with regard to this will be greatly appreciated.
  5. CK


    http://uk.rs-online.com/web/cpd/4685964/?searchTerm=468-5964 Part Number on the RS Site = 468-5964
  6. CK


    Hi All, You can get online with RS Electronics, I am in South Africa. The Green LED is a match just does not come with the diffuser, heat sink, ect..... cost about the equivilant of about 15 Euro's. RS is a UK comapany and do have an online solution and shipping. CK
  7. I distribute in South Africa, after landing and putting a fair mark up on the above mentioned part number(KIT 260 bushes) we sell it for USD $91.00. So it look like yr distributor is upping the price nicely.
  8. I have 2 Tank PCB’s for the DKS 3, Both have no Drive. We would like to sort this out ourselves so we don’t have to wait for it to be processed and repaired in France when we can do it here(we are in South Africa). Is there a SSR or components that can be changed to rectify the problem?
  9. I have been doing it for a number of years now, since my time with KIS in the UK, I am now in SA. Every time it gets easier and quicker. Once a method has been formulated by a tech he sticks to what he knows. In the beginning it was taking that amount of time because I would think that it was easier to change LCD assy without taking all the covers off the LCD turret. Once actually taking off ALL the covers (including the frame panel that drops down into the DKS) for the LCD Turret then everything is very accessible and easy to work on, therefore cutting down the time for installation. Once the install time is cut down warm up time is shorter and so on.
  10. Speaking from doing it myself as a tech, I used to do them in 2 hours from start to set up.
  11. how many print per hour does a kis dks 1770 produce? I would like to know how prints per hour a DKS 17xx does on 12" paper with an 8" advance. 12"x8"
  12. Hi All, I have a DKS 1710 and 1610. I am running the DNP Centuria Digital Premium Paper. For the normal run of the mill work everything look good. When the pro walk throught he door it becomes a problem specially with the black and white prints. I have done all the adjusments, i.e....densitometer,camera,optical,prnu ect.... I ahve also done a new paper response which came out worse. Please does enybody out there have a paper response setup for this paper type? If so please get in touch. If nobody has a paper response then please any suggestion are welcome to rectify my problem. Thanks inadvance. CK
  13. Private Message me for more information.
  14. ZED check your default print size and that all the print sizes are availble, if not you need the print choice list text file. I will check on my system tonight and let you know. you are also welcome to pm anytime.
  15. Rough is very rough not good enough for any printing.
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