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  1. I'm guessing your "conversion kit" didn't include the most important part, the scanner driver PCB?
  2. Great, I'm glad you got the issue resolved.
  3. So if you measure between L1 and L2 what voltage do you get?
  4. Do you have 240V between L1 & L2? Is there power to the monitor? Have you tried pressing the power button on the front of the PC?
  5. Again there is NO CONNECTION to L3 and N. Do not connect any wires to these terminals. Yes Noritsu never supplied a power cable. Indeed wiring colour standards can be different between countries, so this is why a local electrician is recommended. Just 3 wires are connected L1, L2 and the Green/Yellow one which is Earth (Ground) I hope that is clear?
  6. Firstly never suppose with Electricity. Green never goes to N. I recommend you use an electrician for your own safety. You need to have 240VAC between L1 and L2 assuming the machine is wired for single phase. (It should say on the specification label on the back of the machine). In Canada you need to use 2 Phases (+120VAC and -120VAC) to achieve 240V @ 60HZ L3 and N are not connected on single phase wired machines. Green is always the Earth or Ground connection. Again I recommend you use an electrician for your own safety.
  7. Yes straight (undiluted) White Vinegar is fine. Just rinse the tanks with water first before adding the White Vinegar.
  8. If you haven't already tried it, filling the tanks up (racks in) with white vinegar and running the machine for a day will help to clear out the pumps and pipework, the longer you can run it the better. A few hours is not really enough.
  9. If you are 100% sure the racks and tanks are clean. It has to be a chemical issue then. Where are you buying the chemistry from? Are you sure it is not old stock? Maybe try Champion or Fuji Chemistry as an experiment.
  10. So it does it straight away after mixing fresh chemistry and cleaning the racks? The fix is heated by circulating through the BL tank, so it's normal for it to be a bit lower in temperature. It doesn't matter if you are running over 100 rolls a week as long as the replenisher rates are set correctly and the replenisher pumps are calibrated.
  11. If you take the racks out and fill the tanks with water, and put a magnet on the lid sensor you should be able to clearly see the circulation in the tanks. Could the chemical filters be too course? It may be worth trying some genuine Noritsu ones. Are you saying it still does it with fresh chemistry and freshly washed tanks and racks? Are you mixing the chemistry with warm water (not hot water)? Are the solution temperatures correct (38oC) ? How old is the chemistry? Could it be out of date?
  12. I'm guessing you have already checked the circulation is good and are using chemical filters? The only thing I can suggest is to take the FIX and STB racks completely apart and thoroughly clean everything inside. You will need to align the gears afterwards. See the attached PDF. T-15 Rack Alignment.pdf
  13. Just type the part number into google (A058613-01) lots of results. China are making them! The other machine that uses the same dryer rack is the 3101. but as they are all the same age they will likely be in the same condition.
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