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  1. Maybe the J484A position is only used when it actually detects the presence of a scratch, in which case it would probably create a bad scan. As Minilab service has said, just remove all the Digital Masking boards and forget about them. Also forget about the errors in the self check, as long as the scans and prints have no issue it's not worth the expense to sort it out. All these circuit boards are very expensive.
  2. The last STB tank should be pretty clean. Did the prints return back to a normal white after you replaced the STB solution? Is the STB replenishing properly? Are the replenisher rates correct?
  3. You need to list the error messages together with the full error numbers, then we can get a better idea of the issue.
  4. Most likely it's coming from the exposure advance unit. Try thoroughly cleaning all the belts and pulleys on that unit, if it still does it after that it will be worn bearings.
  5. You can check the temperature in input check. Engine Section. Personally I would just do the paper temperature correction and not worry about the laser. There is no guarantee the problem is coming from the laser, it's just a guess really. Without changing laser unit it's difficult to know for sure. I note you posted about this same issue in 2016, so it's been an issue for a while, but it does not seem to be getting any worse, so leave the laser as it is.
  6. The paper temperature correction will shift all the papers by the correction you entered. Providing the daily setup correction is zero before you do any emulsion number changes it will keep everything in line. So once you activate the paper temperature mode the daily setup correction should remain close to zero all though the day. Well that's the theory anyway! I guess the instability is due to the age of the red laser, lasers are sensitive devices that don't like temperature variations.
  7. 227= 22.7°C 256= 25.6°C One is the laser unit temperature the other is the printer temperature.
  8. Go to operator selections and tick Paper Temperature Correction setting. You could try setting it up as it sounds like the machine is drifting as it warms up. It prints the temperature on the back of the daily setup print (Assuming the CVP is fitted and working) So it is easy to see the temperature change between the 8am daily setup and the 4pm daily setup. Paper Temperature Correction Mode.pdf
  9. Check there is no correction in the paper temperature correction mode. Menu → Extension → Setup → Master Data → Paper Temperature Correction
  10. As good as Photoshop resizing I would say. The best thing to do is try it for yourself and see! There are many different options you can choose from.
  11. The faster the computer the quicker the files will open. If the images are very large and you are only printing 6x4 for example it may be better to reduce them before opening. Irfanview can do batch processing to reduce the image size, and it works very quickly.
  12. What is the CPU usage when it is opening the the order? Processing power makes the difference more than RAM does.
  13. No, they are laser cut metal charts. As far as I'm aware there is no swing and tilt adjustment on the S4/HS-1800 scanner. It can only be checked it is in spec but not adjusted.
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