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  1. I'm guessing the V50 was an SM model? If so you will need to load RA Software. Download it from here and put on to a floppy disk. https://www.dropbox.com/s/illdghwcppbmwwq/V series RA C002.exe?dl=0 If you look to the right of the SSR's you will see some red LED's, when lit the heaters should be on. There is an LED for each heater, if these LED's are not lighting check the ribbon cable connection between the Power PCB 1 and Power PCB 2.
  2. As the drive motor is 100V and it is working, you do have a good 100V supply indicating the transformer is good. I would try replacing the main control PCB, I think this is probably the cause of the 100V fail error. You can use the board from the V50 as they are the same, just need to chenge the specification from V50 to V100.
  3. No the transformers are different between the V50 and V100. The V100 transformer is twice the size of the V50 one, also the connectors are different. Does the drive motor rotate?
  4. Dave S

    Noritsu QSS 34 PRO

    No it is not possible, these options are only available for use with the film scanner.
  5. Any 18th step reading above much above 2.55 is a problem. A reading of 4.00 is way off. The cause is the black reference it is calibrating to is incorrect (too light). Fist I would try cleaning the calibration plate with water and a mild soap and see if the 18 step values come down. You can try re-registering the calibration plate if you have the calibration plate floppy disk data. If none of that helps you will need to replace the calibration plate. If the calibration plate has been cleaned in the past with some kind of chemical or isopropanol it will make the black patch go lighter which basically ruins it.
  6. No you cannot use Z009020-01 as this will be to long. You have got them mixed up, Z009020-00 is the longer one, and Z009021-00 is the shorter one. As an alternative you could use A128801-01 this is the plastic roller as used on the BL & Fix racks. V30 CD Rack.pdf
  7. Try the part number Z009021-01 instead.
  8. Dave S

    Noritsu V30 RA - Low volume film processing

    For low utilization ideally you need to use chemistry with a high replenisher rate. For example Champion make a single part developer with a 50ml/M rep rate, which is double the standard rate. Evaporation is the biggest problem, so it’s best to only turn on the machine when you have a certain amount of film to process, then switch it off again afterwards. Having the machine heating the chemicals and sitting idle is the worst thing you can do, it will kill the chemistry over time. Ideally you want a minimum of 10 films a day for a V30, smaller amounts are possible, but you will need to increase the rep rates and keep tweaking the chemistry to keep it processing well. At startup and closedown clean the exit rollers on each rack with water. Bleach can crystallise more easily so it's especially important to clean that rack more often. Fixer also crystallises but to a lesser extent. Clean/ soak the crossover racks in water every day except the No.1 rack which is to be kept dry.
  9. Dave S

    T15 Lcd Totally Black

    The display for the T-15 is different to the V series. The part number of the display you mentioned will not fit the T-15.
  10. Dave S

    T15 Lcd Totally Black

    Your link is for the keypad not the display. You just need the display nothing else. Noritsu part number I079036-00
  11. Great, thanks for coming back and posting what the solution to the problem was.
  12. Dave S

    T15 Lcd Totally Black

    It's a common problem. The permanent solution is to replace the LCD display itself. The new display units use gold contacts on the ribbon cable instead of carbon.
  13. At a guess I would say the P1 tank is being contaminated with P2 solution. Check the overflow pipe in the P2 tank is not blocked and causing it to overflow back into the P1 tank. Either that or some pipes have got crossed over in the replenisher system causing P2 replenisher to go into the P1 tank.
  14. Well the AOM driver should be the first thing to replace. You are seeing magenta light because red and blue make magenta, there is so little green getting to the paper. This is why you are getting green prints and double exposures. Either the AOM driver is bad, the green laser is bad, or it's very poorly aligned.
  15. The cause is your green laser is very weak. Where did you buy your replacement Green laser from?