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  1. No, not officially. I've never done it that way so can't comment. Enter the HS-1800 maintenance program, enter the service mode, then, Scanner Unit Adjustment, Focus Adjustment As I said earlier, for uneaven colour issues the normal cure is clean the lens underneath the AFC and then do the scanner calibration (light source adjustment)
  2. Once you register the value it will remain. I can't see any colour or light strip on your photo. The normal cure is clean the lens underneath the AFC and then do the scanner calibration.
  3. They have to be ordered from Noritsu Z019786-01 Scanner adjustment chart (135) Z019787-01 Scanner adjustment chart (120) The other alternative is to increase/ decrease the focus value number until the scans are in focus. For example if the initial value is 100 do a scan at 90 and one at 110, see which one is better, than 100, repeat until you find the best value.
  4. You need to get both film carriers focused using the special Noritsu laser cut focus plates. Where are you located?
  5. Check the fibre optic ports on the processor control PCB are not blocked with debris, trim the ends of the fibre optic cables with the special cutter. Until you have communication with the processor control PCB, everything in the processor will be turned off. Of course it could be a faulty processor control PCB.
  6. Check for bad connections by removing and refitting all the connectors on the main CPU board. Try removing the connections (screw terminals) for each sensor probe and check the resistance of each one, they should all be very similar. My thinking is possibly one probe has gone short circuit and is dragging the voltage down stopping all the other probes from reading properly.
  7. Do you have 5V on the PROCESSOR CONTROL PCB? When the computer starts what is shown on the screen? Does the QSS software start up normally? Are there any error messages?
  8. What LED's are lit on the Power PCB 2? I suspect one of the DC power supplies is dead.
  9. Unfortunately I don't have the circuit drawings for this model, I would start by checking the voltages on the various test points on the CPU board.
  10. Taken from the 37 series troubleshooting manual 1131 Printing is paused to switch the paper developing time. Corrective action 1. Click YES. The attention message is closed. NOTE It takes a few minutes to change the developing time.
  11. There is no Capacity Booster attached to the printer port (Magenta coloured port) in your photo. Perhaps it is still attached to the original motherboard? Windows XP does have slight issues with detecting the Capacity Booster, but normally after a few seconds it sees it and displays Capacity Booster detected.
  12. Is the capacity booster attached to the parallel port? Has the parallel port been correctly configured in the BIOS? What version of Windows are you running?
  13. CD 18.1L BL 4.5L FIX 8.1L (Total) STB 8.4L (Total)
  14. Error code 4 means: The data in the program file is not read. Try using another floppy drive/ floppy disk it seems like it's not reading properly. Switch the machine off at the breaker switch, put the floppy disk in and turn the breaker switch back on, it should start to read the data again.
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