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  1. Yes. Normally the CD is first mixed as replenisher, then starter and extra water are added to make tank solution.
  2. Each chemical manufacture uses it's own mix ratios, so you will need to look for the instructions for your particular chemistry. Look for "tank solution/mix" it normally gives you the mix per litre, just times these figures by the tank size. V30RA Tanks size CD 7.6L BL 3.1L Fix 5.4L (Total) STB 5.7L (Total)
  3. It doesn't seem to be a big change now. I would monitor it for a few days and see how it goes
  4. I wouldn't recommend doing any software upgrading on such an old machine. There is a big risk of breaking it. Flash chips can fail during the upgrade process.
  5. Check the settings in Form are correct Make sure test operation is set to off in operator selection (service mode)
  6. Which settings were you changing?
  7. I haven't got any backup data from a 2611. The last time I saw one of those machines was well over 15 years ago! Like TECNOR said each 2611 has unique data, it's not recommended to use data from another machine. I would recommend you always make a backup disk before changing any settings you are not familiar with, and to be safe copy the floppy disk contents onto a PC as floppy disks have a habit of going bad. As a guess the M may stand for manual. Did you switch the scanner off?
  8. Undo what you changed or load in your backup data.
  9. The machine has to read it's own calibration print to calibrate itself. If you read a print from another machine it will incorrectly calibrate. The only thing I can suggest is make sure all the machines are running the same software and profile data versions. Do the white and black balance corrections and paper profile corrections. You can also put colour corrections into the magazine balances to try to even out any differences.
  10. No I don't have any sample for printing. I'm not sure how printing a comparison using the green III helps with anything? You can't really compare 2 completely different printing systems with one another, they will always be different. What is your objective?
  11. What does the 18 step print look like? If the chemistry is definitely good, I'd be looking at the calibration plate/ colorimeter unit. 6088-0026 the manual says, The value calculated during the weekly setup is abnormal. The MLVA unit tube face is dirty. The MLVA lamp has deteriorated. Check the gain value. → Printer Mechanical Adjustment → gain adjustment. (A value of 0 or 255 is abnormal) Adjust the gain value when it is abnormal. The preamplifier PCB is dirty or defective if the adjustment of gain value can not be performed correctly. Check the load voltage value. (A number other than 400 or 680 appears when the Load Voltage Adjustment is performed normally) Adjust the load voltage value when it is abnormal. The MLVA unit is defective if the adjustment of load voltage value can not be performed correctly. Drive voltage PCB Data output PCB Image processing PCB Calibrator connecting PCB Printer control PCB
  12. Maybe the repaired AOM has gone bad? Try swapping the green and blue AOM drivers with each other and see if the problems shifts to the blue channel.
  13. Try using Machine-to-machine variation correction Extension → Setup → Laser Setup → Paper Specification Registration/Setup → Functions → Machine-to-machine variation correction
  14. Yes, it looks good. The repaired green AOM driver is giving more power now which adds magenta to the print. Do the daily setup 2-3 times until the print. goes back to grey.
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