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  1. Look for a small 5V 3A power supply in the film processor. It is defective.
  2. The cause of the problem - stretched lower belt (bottom of the photo).
  3. The cutter does not know which magazine the paper is coming from. If there are no problems when printing from magazine A, then the cutter works fine.
  4. For verification, you need to scan negatives on AFC135. If there are no problems there, then the reason is in the mechanics of AFC120.
  5. These are mechanical problems — the teeth on the toothed pulley of the driving motor in the AFC have been erased. Increasing the belt tension can help. Adjusting the belt tension is done by shifting the drive motor.
  6. Russians say "if the problem is real, then it will surely make itself known." Therefore, we must relax and wait for the problem to become regular. Only then will it be possible to look for its causes.
  7. Usually the cause of this problem is the failure of the Power Supply PCB J390591. The lack of a voltage of +5 volts at the output of this board or a large ripple is the cause of white photographs.
  8. The work ideology of the 3501Plus is very different from the ideology of the 3300 or 3501. Therefore, there is no “PRINT” button.
  9. Please post here a printsсreen with the results of the measurement of this test.
  10. Noritsu 2901 : Error: 6903-0001 serial communication

    Please what is the reason for this error, the color meter working in other printer, the serial cable also, the power supplies related are also good , i think needs to install win 2000 and QSS software , so please any one tells me in steps the QSS software installation , thank u
    1. kodak_service


      First check the lighting of LED1-LED3 on Colorimeter Control PCB  J390551.

    2. Jalal Bilal

      Jalal Bilal

      They are working

    3. kodak_service


      Usually in such a situation it is enough to swap the numbering of the com- port 1 and the com 2 in the settings of Win2000.
      If you do not know how, then you need to install everything again. To do this, you must have a recovery CD (original) and software System Programs and Profile Date .

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