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  1. It is necessary to replace the AOM driver
  2. It is necessary to adjust the temperature for each type of paper. If the paper is too dry, it bends and gets stuck in the dryer. Reduce the drying temperature for paper that is stuck in the dryer.
  3. There are many such ANMs in the minilab (at least 5 pieces). Try swapping dubious ANMs with those you are sure of. If the situation does not change, you need to check and lubricate the mechanism of the paper mask.
  4. Execute 2260 → Extension → Maintenance → Various Adjustment → Printer Mechanical Adjustment → Paper Sensor Adjustment-F-Paper Sensor LED Light Intensity Adjustment
  5. Run Menu → Scanner Unit Adjustment → Scanner Sensitivity Check and upload the screen copy here.Run Menu → Scanner Unit Adjustment → Scanner Sensitivity Check and upload the screen copy here.
  6. You have no problems with chemicals. Red AOM-driver is faulty.
  7. I compared the schemas and partlists. This mask should work. The setting is the same. However, there may be problems in very dark frames, because there is no extra lens in this mask.
  8. Check other settings in STANDARD SETTING 1, 2 and 3 Reinstalling the system will not change anything.
  9. Go to MAIN MENU-FLOPPY/STANDARD SETTING-STANDARD SETTING 1 and enter the number of Processing Step that matches your equipment model.
  10. First you need to check the laser, because it can also cause a yellow background. To do this, stick a piece of opaque adhesive tape in the middle of the laser output window. If the yellow background disappears in the photo in this place, then the laser must be repaired.
  11. This is good paper. Then take Dave's advice. This will solve your problem if it is really related to temperature.
  12. No need to think about the laser, because the reason is the quality of photo paper, which changes sensitivity when the temperature changes. Try using a different brand of paper.
  13. I also talk about the top rollers. The film presses strongly against these rollers before the knife fires.
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