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  1. My friend should this part SH2089! Thanks!
  2. Problem solved Today replace yellow BackUp battery on CTP01 and Working, thanks Minilab service !!
  3. Scaner start normal and software load, but I cant see any errors, because can't power on LP1000P. Software sent massage "put Printer Online" but I cant On PAC02 board same connectors have 220V, same connectors have 100V, and lighting LED green on CTP01 (down right black square ) I replace standbay switch, replace DME circuit board...
  4. Hi guys! I have Fuji LP 1000P last 3 years, end work fine (with some bugs :) which I was able to solve) And last weak in half day machine was unexpectedly shut down. And I can’t power on. I have other LP1000P from parts, and I change DME Circuit board, PAC02 Circuit Board, CTP01 Circuit Board but nothing And I change I Power Supply ( In front side bottom AOM) - nothing happening And I change the main switch, checked the 220V phases and interphases, checked Transformer power 100V all Ok On PAC02 CB some wire have 220V, some wire have 100V On Circuit board bright LED diode (green, yellow, red) I have no wiring diagram, only Service manual. Did you have any idea what could be the problem??
  5. Mislim da ti nece nitko odgovoriti U naslovu napisi model Frontiera i pisi na Engleskom.
  6. Hi guys! I replace my Noritsu 2611 with Fuji frontier LP 1000P. First month I’m cleaning all machine, tanks, replenishent pumps because was too rusty. While I was brushing my Frontier I see is similar like Noritsu. After cleaning - first picture - I was wondering!!!! were excellent!!! First problem is: with Frontier LP 1000 I did not get any instalation FD or CD with software for Scanner or Image processor. Fuji PC is made 1997 and OS is Win NT 3.51 and I'm afraid that the PC weakest link in proces In user manual I see that installation CD contains setup softw and app with name DIPPSET .EXE And FD with name “A” i “B” conatains LUT dat . if someone could send instalation software or tell me wher I could find ? Thanks! My screen
  7. Hi my Noritsu friends! There was a time to change my 2611 which me faithfully served, I buying a used minilab, but I do not know what to get… Budget is limited to 4.000 Euro…. In offer I have 1. Konica R1 1000 price 3.500 Euro 2. Kodak system 88+ price 2.500 Euro 3. ??????? So please everyone give me your thinking which is better in reliability and laser-lcd endurance/ cost repair. Number 3 is your suggestion
  8. Thanks Dave!! Problem solved! Im needed 4 x -5.0 Densiti it would be good. Dave you are the King
  9. Hello friends! I have problem with printing pictures from negative film, pictures a too black (exposure time is long). (Dihronic filter slowly work) No errors- I clean completely lamphouse section and dihronic filter sliders, clean zoom lens. I change reflector lamp and make setings and its OK (picture 1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6N21MSzM1blk5ZlE/view?usp=sharing I try Emulsion number change and test is OK (picture 2) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6M0FRa2xMc0xrVlU/view?usp=sharing But when printing from 35mm negative on 135 ANM picture are dark (picture 3) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6bVdIYUp2VFRCTU0/view?usp=sharing I try put value of Density before printing to “A” (density value -1.-2, -3, -4……-9, A, B, C, D, E) (picture 4) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-cKjmOYpKc6U2FhVlVjZVVubW8/view?usp=sharing Any good idea that I can use to fix the problem…. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I need poppet valve for 2611 I find some valve on ebay for 7-8 $ but shipping is too much for this. I searching for less shipping! Thanks!
  11. Hi all! My 2611 with VFP8 working perfectly Only I hawn't Noritsu "white grease" for lubrication bolt of VFP8 head. What else grease I can use for lubrication VFP8 bolt? Thanks!
  12. Hi Toufik! do you mean on System Software (1-A ... 1-F) Floppy disks for 2611?
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