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  1. Hello, Does anybody know if it is possible to change the name of the MS01 computer, now it is DICIII, and i want to change it because i want to have two MS01 computers in my network. like DICIII-1 and DICII-2, this because i want to print on different Fuji printers and i am not able to connect them to one computer.
  2. MS13 V2.0-0E-011 is the version i have
  3. MS01 is ver 4.2 R3 MS13 is ver 2.0
  4. Hello, I installed the MS13 software, but when is start it it will not find default.ini. After deinstalling and installing it as administrator or whit compabillity it will start. But then the software does not work, i made a hotfolder with the FAVieuw tool but when i place a photo in this folder, nothing happens. When i try to end Simple print, it is not responding What can be the problem? Regards, Martin
  5. Well, maybe somebody here has another solution, just for testing. Hope you understand i dont want to spend a lot of money for a machine that may not be working properly, if i can not use it, i will stick by Fuji machines. Hope i did not offend you.
  6. Hello, At this moment i have a D703 at home for testing, i bought it for just € 250. At my Lab i have a Fuji Frontier 350 wetlab with the scanner unit and the Frontend computer. Also a DL600 with the MS1 software.(on a computer also called Frontend) Running two different networks because only one computer can be called Frontend in one network. And a Epson 6800 witch we use as a network printer, so we have to print on it as a normal printer. I hope to manage that we can combine all the machines in one system, don't know how to do this. We are using the machines for schoolphoto finishing for various clients. And we make a lot of use of hotfolders for printing, this is necessary I don't mind using MS1 or EZ software, as long as it is working properly. Hope you can help me. Regards, Martin Kruit
  7. Hello there, I am searching for THE order it 7.9 software manual Can anybody help me? Regards Martin Kruit
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