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  1. Hi, in my case its not. Tried Fuji Chem, kodak Chem, all well carefully mixed and to right temp to no avail. Has to do something with either paper response or loading new profile, which I don't know how to do.
  2. Have my reds, greens...Totally darker, they look like dark reds, and dark greens, hoe can i fix this? I'm using Fuji archive paper.....Maybe adding new color profiles? Thanks
  3. Hello everybody, i have sinc issues with the plan exposure, randomly some prints do not reach the center to have the exposure complete, it prints half of it and of course this throws away the timing and I get "print stuck" Error. Changed the Transport board and still the same. One weird thing is this only happens on 6" paper, on double 4" have no problems. It's a double double paper machine and happens on both places. Checked and changed cartridge mags also. Thanks
  4. NortSur

    DKS3 Boards

    Looking to buy DKS 3 Tank and Transport boards!! Thanks
  5. Thanks guys. Fixed!! It was an unfortunate shift of the polarizer filter.
  6. Correction, "exposure deck is not fully delivering the prints to the PAPER FEEDER" This is what I mean, sorry for the mistake.
  7. Hello everybody, the exposure deck is not fully delivering the prints to the exposure deck, prints get stuck between the exposure deck and the paper feeder. I noticed on another DKS3 that the deck fully delivers the prints, on mine they get stuck a tiny bit. Clened the rollers on the feeder, changed the transport board, changed the whole exposure deck assembly and the same thing. It seems that the exposure deck is stopping a franction of a second early, is there anyway in the software, maybe transport file to make it run a fraction longer? So it can fully release the prints? Thanks guys for any tips in advance.
  8. Thanks German, can you explain more on your second Item? Torrent Rotate? Thanks!!
  9. Good point, unfortunately there are no PCBs inside the printer housing. Also to mention something very important, the more density I apply to the print the more tint the print shows, it seems that its related to the intensity of the LED power. Thanks!!
  10. I forgot to mention that the paper is fresh and happens both on 6" and 5" Fuji brand.
  11. Hello, I'm enclosing a print where you can see that prints have an overall bluish greenish hue or stain , specially noticeable on the white part of the print. This are the things that I've done so far: 1- Changed twice the developer 2- Processed unexposed paper, print comes out totally white 3- Processed fogged paper, print comes out totally black (there I could tell that chems are ok) 4- Tried different paper responses to no avail 5- Did system back up and system restore and nothing Please any advice will be very welcome, Thanks!!
  12. NortSur

    Blue Rubber

    I just visited your web page. Nothing seems to work.
  13. NortSur

    Blue Rubber

    No way!! Is that from Kis? Did someone figure it out how to replace them with another thing, I was thinking regular rubber bands
  14. NortSur

    Blue Rubber

    Its actually for a DKS3 system. Mine are beginning to breakout too. Does anybody tried to replace with something else besides the original from Kis? Thanks
  15. Hello, very interesting tip. Could you include prices please? Without tech? Thanks
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