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  1. Hola a todos, tengo impresiones con lineas en noritsu 3301, adjunto imagenes del problema, agradesco sus consejos.
  2. Gracias por su ayuda.
  3. Gracias por la ayuda.
  4. Gracias por su ayuda.
  5. Ok, thank you very much for the progress, I need to know about the motherboard.
  6. Good, I want to change the motherboard of noritsu 3302 which is a Ricoh for a Gigabyte, could you help me if there is a special model that can work with windows 7 or in the last case of windows xp. Thanks for the response in advance.
  7. I have problems with the LS 600 scanner, remove me it indicates that the format of 240 and there is nothing, and pass the sensors 135 to 240 and still the same, as well as I can reset the scanner. Thanks for your answers
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