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  1. Hello need help with capacity booster key error ,3702 it prints single instead of double prints at a time, was printing double but suddenly stopped but printing one print at a time

  2. hi, i've been using 3202 for more than 10 years. Prints become slow since last year and sometimes stop printing
  3. I can not open noritsu soft, so i can not say the error from the negative scanner S2. I remember it was about: image processing error..... So i can not print negative for a moment, even can not do daily setup. sincerely sorry , i may be not understand you. I ask you again the procedure please. first: disconnect only the white optical fiber from PCB and connect directly to behind PC. run selfcheck second: i have 4 optical fiber from up to down . The first is the white one (scanner S2), the second is going to another PCB on the left, the third is going to computer and the fourth is going to printer. I disconnect all the optical fiber except cables from computer. run selfcheck is that correct ?
  4. Hi, i connect the scanner directly to the computer. I have 2/7 errors. But my scanner is wrong, did not work for a while. So i don't know if it is computer board or not default Then i connect the others optical to the computer directly. I have errors for all. So it look like my digital control ICE pcb is wrong.
  5. This morning, today i have a second error : 6901-2008 Processor D-Ice control PCB communication error error 6901-0008 appears first when i cancel it, 6901-2008 appears so i made a arcnet test again, i have (IMAGE PROCESSING PCB 7/7 errors, the other have not error) - ARCNETcable connection - ARCNET cable for dirt - ARCNET cable connector for dirt if the line state is still poor, possible cause for the problem is malfunction of the PCB on which arcnet chip is installed when you said Then connect it to computer pcb directly . you mean connect directly the scanner to PC? white cable and optical fiber ? then make another Arcnet test ?
  6. here the result Communication is incorrect with all the connected ARCNET devices. Confirm the following items. - Selected(Model) -ARCNET cable connection to the PC - ............................................to the PCB with HUB -................cable connection - ............. cable for dirt - .............cable connector for dirt if the connection is still poor, possible cause for the problem is malfunction of the PCB on which arcnet chip is installed
  7. the pcb located on the PCI slot in the PC have a blue switch called DS1 (switch 1 and 2), what is the right combination please? thank you
  8. thanks for your reply. I put the pcb which connect one plug and optical fiber to another PCI slot in the PC. I check all optical fiber ( behind PC, in the top of the scanner, behind under the monitor, behind magazine in printer, under dryer). I clean all the plug for the optical fiber. All the black optical fiber have light, the white don't have. Same problem When the soft start, the printer and the scanner don't make any noise. Usually they do thank you
  9. Dear, i search all post on the section but i can not find a solution. Sorry again, i create a new post. Hope you will understand. My 3202 was very slow for printing and sometimes stop priting since a few months.. Even the order have finish, print are not finish yet and machine stop printing. So I decide to change my RAM first, before i have 2Go, now i put 4Go. I move carefully the machine and take care the cable behind. First machine was ok, print were a little bit faster but not like before. After i put a second HD for making a backup, when it start, i have these 2 errors: first :6900-0001 Main control system error second: 6901-0008 Arcnet communication error. I turn off machine, but same problem. I unplug my second HD, and start again, error still here. I check all fiber cable behind machine and the scanner but still problem. I check the PCB arcnet in windows, it looks ok anyone have an idea please? Thank you
  10. Hi everyone, my 3202 make strange print when i crop the image. When i double click on the image, the DSA, monochrome are ok, only when i use the zoom (in or out) the result on monitor is ok. But the print are bad like the contrast is too much, less details and we can see regular line on print. Any idea for the problem please? thank you
  11. yes, prefer original computer for same configuration
  12. Hi Romas, yes long time no talk. How are you? For my 3202, first time i have hardware problem from pc. I dont know if it is a good idea to upgrade on Xp because i have ct2 and another pc qss kids using windows 2000. I am afraid it can make problem of compatibily. if i can not find the same motherboard, only solution is to find another model. Do you have some reference? Thank you
  13. ok i will try. in fact i'd rather say, how to reset the motherboard, not to flash. I am afraid it is not the same operation Thank.you
  14. ok, so how to be sure if it is motherboard dead
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